Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Catching Up on the Latest Metro Deaths

@brachphotos - Apparently not all #wmata employees got the memo about reading on the job. J9 to Bethesda. Bus 6209

From Will:
Photo was taken yesterday at 7:30 a.m. at a red light at the intersection of MD Route 124 (at the park & ride lot) and I-270 on ramp. Route was J9 Express to Bethesda. (bus # 6209) I did not see the newspaper come back out for the remainder of the trip.
According to Metro,"bus operators should not be reading newspapers at any time while they are operating a bus."

Makes sense.


Anonymous said...

WOW. Simply wow. He obviously reads the news, so hasn't he heard about WMATA's troubles?

Anonymous said...

If he can read the Wash Post, why can't he read has own company's news as well? Do they write in pig latin or something he wasn't taught?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the good bus drivers think of these guys. For the most part, I've had the luck to work with either super nice drivers or competenet ones. Where's the peer pressure not to be an idiot?

Anonymous said...

Recommendation for this site - Replace Cato's illustrious quote up above with the new incoming Chairman's quote about a culture of safety already existing within Metro. The humor just kills me.... oh wait, that's Metro's job! ;-)

Unsuck DC Metro said...


Anonymous said...

It may have something to do with him trying to figure out how two of his coworkers got killed. It is the only way to get information about Metro for most workers, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Unsuck! Crack me up here. Thanks for posting the new quote of the day up thair at top!

Roma said...

@ Will - have you reported this with pic?

Will said...

@ Roma

Yes, I did send the photo to Jim Graham, and he sent it on to John Catoe that morning.

Anonymous said...

Peer pressure??? LOL

His peers at the Union will fight to get his job back, or get his suspension ovetturned. And they'll win, especially if the complainant can't make the arbitration.

How do I know this? I'm an insider....

Barbi Rose said...

Just who the heck is running the security at Metro? I have a friend who worked in emergency communications and Fire and intrusions at Metro and knows just how security works there. What I have been told makes my blood run cold. First, announcing where you are putting all of your security police isn’t smart, but Metro seldom acts smart. They don’t do any random bag checks have little if no presence at most stations, that is a presence where it would matter most. Inside the stations security barely exists at all. No one really monitors the security cameras. All you have to do is just distract the station manager, (an easy thing to do, I’ve proved how easy it is to others). Once you are inside the station there is no one to stop you if you are a bad guy. Even the drug sniffers are inside the stations at the track level. What good is that, the bad stuff would already be in?
Now the stupid thing is Metro keeps touting how they have all the troops IN Metro Center. These guys don’t get it. The bad guys are looking to do the most damage and don’t care about getting out alive. It’s just dumb luck that Metro hasn’t had any terrorist problems. “Heck, I know of an employee who called in an Arab guy who had a gun case and who was acting very nervous, and Transit police asked “what do you want us to do? (Uunfortunately this is a line Metro Supervisors say often) Now that makes you feel safe, doesn’t it? Ok even an idiot can see that the way you easily defeat Metro’s security is hop on at any outer station, where there is no security presence, such as Shady Grove, Silver Spring, Greenbelt, most any especially the end stations. If you have explosives simply ride it into Metro Center and boom, there goes the entire system along with all the extra security! Someone with true security experience and someone who isn’t politically correct needs to get be given the job of head of security and get it very soon, before it’s too late.
Oh a note on the rash of sudden safety problems might be slightly explained of lack of training and open safety manual tests. Yeah, I can verify that for a fact that Metro has often had safety tests that are open book, so even the idiots can pass. Problem is when you have this kind of safety training it’s easy to see how the idiots can be the cause of people dying, just turn on the news.

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