Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Metro: the Video Game

From "Fuzz:" This is how I felt riding the Orange Line Friday. They were generated at

Have you gotten to all levels? Enjoy with sound effects.

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Anonymous said...

seriously...what is going on with the Orange line in the morning this past month or so? It's been way worse than usual...we sit on the platform at vienna for about ten minutes, by the time we leave the train is packed, so the rest of the trip is awful.

Anonymous said...

i hope it includes an option to offload rush hour passengers only to leave them on a crowded platform waiting for a train that has enough room to squeeze on

Anonymous said...

That union questionnaire is a joke. It's basically "give us more money" repeated 8 times in different ways.

There will be no improvement with WMATA until this union is taken on.

I'm all for them making a living wage, but they flaunt their perceived untouchabiltiy.

Anonymous said...

Smoke in the station; Federal Center closed right now. 10-car Green line train yesterday. Friday Orange line took 90+ minutes for a 40 minute ride due to just one dead train.... that stellar performance rating is just skyrocketing ain't it? Must be the delays in everybody filling in their questionnaires today. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Can anyone fill in the questionnaire? I want to answer #5!

"Will you oppose any future proposals to replace Metrobus routes operated by workers who received decent wages and benefits with routes operated by private companies that provide inferior wages and benefits?"

Oppose! Never! This is America! Inferior wages is not a privilege, it's a right! And it would match Metro's ability to provide inferior services!

I am so very glad to see these questionnaires are written in a neutral manner so as to not influence anyone's thoughts.

T-to-the-b said...

With regard to your question about the union questionnaire, no it doesn't. It's utter self service babble.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else see the sad irony of Metro's attempts to improve service being eerily similar to BP's attempts to stop the oil gushing in the ocean?

I feel like like a fish in the great oil-ocean of metro life.

dwfma said...

Metro plans to run as normal before the game, but will have extra people on duty at the station where you get off for the game, Navy Yard station.

Metro is expecting heavy crowds, heavy enough that they notify the local news outlets ... but still not heavy enough to warrant extra service? Not even one extra train, or one train that is longer than normal?

Can no one at Metro connect the dots here? This is not rocket science.

The other side of the coin is Maryland MTA, which endlessly advertises is lackluster service during Orioles radio broadcasts. Good luck getting home from the Yard if you live anywhere south or west of the grounds.

Anonymous said...

The site where the union crap is posted is nothing but a shill site for unions. That may be good for some unions, but not this one. Remember, they're the ones who raised a stink after the bus driver was talking on her cell phone and was photographed doing so.

I wouldn't pay much attention to anything that blog says.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to read comments from what are probably "untouchable" government union employees that receive subsidized transit bitch about other union people.

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