Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Union Boss Allegedly Plays "Slavery" Card Defense


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jackie Jeter
Date: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 5:08 PM
Subject: RE: Transparency!
To: J..., P...,, E...,,

To all of those listed above:

I understand your positions. What I am trying to get individuals who
have only read about the incident in the news to do is to listen to
logic. Yesterday in the newspaper I explained the arbitration process
and she asked a question which was why do I think WMATA lost the
arbitration, my response is because they did not put on a strong
enough case, that’s what she printed. It doesn’t matter what I think
or what I feel, it was about labor law. If WMATA felt that the law
was not followed and the grounds that the arbitrator ruled on was
incorrect, they had another recourse and they did not follow that
path. That’s what I have attempted to explain to all of you all day.
You are entitled to your opinion based on what you think you know.

I did not hire either one of those gentlemen, our union is not a
hiring hall, WMATA did and is. It is my job to represent them when it
becomes evident that the law, rules and regulations were not followed
in their termination and regardless to what you think, they have
rights and that is what the arbitrator followed and the union, whether
you like it or not. So you can put it on blog, you can gossip about
it on emails but facts are facts.

To the last person who has decided to weigh in on a topic that he’s
unclear about the facts-my comment about slavery was meant to show all
of you that just because you think or it appears a person is guilty,
it doesn’t mean that they are. The fact that we are having a
discussion about whether the union should not have gone to arbitration
to fight for this guy if he was terminated without the full facts or
if WMATA failed to prove their case goes to show that you believe in a
slavery mentality. Because only if a person is in slaved does cease
to not have rights. And by the way the police did not charge Ronald
Taylor with a crime or give him a citation, showing his guilt. Again
I will say public opinion is like a “nose” and everyone has one, but
before you attempt to slander or provoke an argument, get the facts.
This isn’t about the riding public, it’s about people believing that
they have the right to spew comments that aren’t correct and you can’t
stand the fact that I say that you don’t know what you’re talking
about. And another fact WMATA is not 100% black. Do me a favor, post
this email answer! It’s more truthful than you attempting to put
words in my mouth.

Jackie Lynn Jeter, President

Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689

2701 Whitney Place

Forestville, MD 20747


Original Post

The following is an email thread allegedly between union boss Jackie Jeter and reader P. We have reversed the thread to read in chronological order. See related post below.

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> From: P... []
> Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 11:17 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Examiner Article
> Ms. Jeter,
> To say that I am appalled by the below article would be an
> understatement. Protecting workers rights is fine, but these
> individuals are clearly unfit to perform the basic duties required of
> a Metrobus driver. Please reconsider your support of these
> individuals.
> -return-to-Metro-95909919.html

> P
On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Jackie Jeter wrote:
> Apparently you believe in slavery. Individuals that belong to this union
> have the right to fight for fair and equal treatment. Currently you and
> others only know one side of the story, that's the side that WMATA chooses
> to tell you and apparently you choose to believe. Too bad! An arbitrator
> made a ruling based on the information presented by both sides, not just
> union and not just WMATA.
> In this country workers still have rights. Join a union so you can
> your knowledge on what your rights as a worker is suppose to be.
> Jackie Lynn Jeter, President
> Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689
> 2701 Whitney Place
> Forestville, MD 20747

> 301-568-6899

-----Original Message-----
From: P... []
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 1:56 PM
To: Jackie Jeter
Subject: Re: Examiner Article

Ms. Jeter,

Thanks for the quick reply. Regarding your first point, I do not in
fact believe in slavery. Rather, I believe in accountability, safety,
and consumer protection – as I hope you do to. Moreover, the 13th
was passed over 145 years ago, so I don’t think we have too
much to worry about there. With regard to knowing the “other side of
the story,” I implore you to improve your outreach to the traveling
public. Indeed it is too bad that WMATA, with its pseudo-functional PR
wing, is able to outmaneuver your own organization in terms of truth
dissemination. Finally, workers’ rights are a cornerstone of
contemporary American society, I wouldn’t argue with you about that.
However, your union has sided against the traveling public that it
professes to serve. This position will ultimately prove to be


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jackie Jeter
Date: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 2:08 PM
Subject: RE: Examiner Article

We didn't side against anyone we looked at all of the facts and set the case
to an arbitrator to rule on whether his person should remain fired or get
his job back. That is done by a neutral person. There are rights that are
given to everyone including members of 689 which happen to work with the
riding public.

Jackie Lynn Jeter, President
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689
2701 Whitney Place
Forestville, MD 20747



Malnurtured Snay said...


Jesus fucking Christ.

Anonymous said...

Jeter needs to go. Will the Department of Labor please investigate this crooked union?

And I am a union supporter. Just not this one.

Anonymous said...

"Join a union so you can broaden your knowledge on what your rights as a worker is suppose to be."

I'm not sure if this is more funny or sad.

Anonymous said...

Your duties as a union president is, you suppose to be able to talk.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that reads this should make a point to trumpet this to the world - twitter, facebook, whatever.

Also, be sure to email her and cut and paste parts of her response to let her know that the fact that we want accountability on the part of Metro employees in no ways implies we want to bring back slavery. This is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

My god, how did this woman become president of the union with writing skills like that?

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:21 - um, how long have you lived in DC to ask a question like that? the outstanding city services employees in this city are outnumbered by the semi-literate, the race-baiting, and the incompetent.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Ms. Jeter has finally allowed race to enter the conversation. Know we know from what point the union is operating.

M M said...

Arbitration is generally a bad idea anyway, considering that Congress banned it from being allowed anymore to settle disputes between banks and consumers when it came to credit cards,

and in employee contracts as well.

Anonymous said...

Here's my email. Everyone pitch in and do your part. It won't change a damn thing, but it sure feels good to click send.


I'd ask you to recosider, but it's obvious you don't give a shit.

You are on record stating that "Our members go to work every day cognizant of their responsibility to perform a job on behalf of our customers – the riding public.”

That is all well in good, so long as you practice it. However in light of the story below, and countless other examples of the transgressions of some of your employees (from knife-wielding bus drivers to ones that blatantly solicit prostitutes while passengers watch) that are well documented, how can you deny that it seems that the purpose of your union has little – if anything – to do with the riding public?

We have a right to feel secure on your transit system. Inattentive and surly station managers and vehicle operators who are re-hired after blatantly breaking clear rules do very little to make us feel secure. The man in the story below killed someone through his reckless driving after less than six months on the job, and your union goes to bat to support him? You claim that we only have one side of the story. Fine, publish his – but until then, don’t chide us as if we’re all a bunch of brainwashed morons.

It isn’t a giant leap of faith for anyone that rides Metro on a regular basis to believe the version of events we’ve read.

Quite frankly, WMATA and your union have earned the abysmal reputation you now have. We – the riding public – are incensed and it has become obvious through the countless day-to-day interactions we have with your members that the union cares nothing for the riding public – it only cares for itself, demonstrably to the danger of the riding public.

And now you accuse people that contact you in regards to these developments of supporting slavery? Spare us your sanctimonious prattle. Do something to show that you mean what you say and, more importantly, practice what you preach.
> -return-to-Metro-95909919.html

Anonymous said...

o. m. g.

ConcernedCitizen said...

Wow. Just wow.

Maybe someone should monitor the UNION BOSS emails for quality and customer assurance?

Anonymous said...

WMATA workers don't work "with" the riding public, they work for them, and they're paid well to do it.

Harold p said...

I object to the term union boss. She's el presidente.

Trevor said...


Ms. Jeter,

Your e-mail below is making the rounds on the Internet. Perhaps you should think more carefully about your words in this day and age before you write something as ridiculous as this. Is Metro a 100% black organization that a lack of the union would bring back slavery? I hardly think so. Trivializing the historic and current real life effects of slavery in this manner is counter-productive to your argument.

Reports run rampant again of bus drivers running red lights and having accidents again. I hope at some point you will consider they safety of people as important to your job.

Seriously? She's a nutjob. But that doesn't surprise me either.

Anonymous said...

How can a person this person be elected President of ATU 689?
The union is made up of operators, mechanics, and technicians. The reason a person, with the lack of communications skills a good majority here believe, is elected president of the union is that operators make up a majority of it.
If you think those "slavery" comments are hyperbole, you should attend one of the union meetings.
Why do they get their jobs back?
Like it or not, the union has a obligation to present a credible defense to a member who brings a grievance to a floor vote and it gets approved by the members. The majority of members attending those union meetings are operators, and they are not likely to vote against one of their own, Jackie included.
How is it they get the job back?
Well, you are going to have to talk to the arbitrators. If history is any indicator, Metro probably acted hastily and did not gather the pertinent paperwork or evidence against the operator who crashed. This is only a guess.
There is also an apparent conflict of interest in that a good portion, if not most, of Metro managers are themselves members of ATU 689, for retirement purposes and as a insurance should they get fired. This is also another wild guess.

Mr x said...

The union won the battle to get the drivers their jobs back, but man, are they losing the war.

Anonymous said...

Based on their historical performance, I doubt these WMATA "slave" employees would have been very successful at running an "underground railroad."

Anonymous said...

Arbitrators, like judges, sometimes undo actions against employees for procedural reasons. I've been hit twice by Metrobuses and as a daily rider am never surprised when I hear of accidents. They roll through stop signs, speed like hell when they are late. Sometimes they pack passengers into the entrance portal to the point they cannot see out the right side or even the right side mirror rather than skip over a rider waiting at a bus stop.

Anonymous said...

The managers are not lawyers. They do their best, but Anon 4:56 is right. Too often, procedural errors are the culprit. Arbitrators are not Transit experts, and at times, lacking full knowledge of the industry results in bad decisions. Publishing the actual arbitrator decision might be problematic, in that a "non expert" might miss the same issues as the arbitrator. But,I would challenge Preseident Jeter to tell us what information led to the ruling.

Those decisions are not made to protect the riding public.

Anonymous said...

Arbitrators, I have found, are pro-labor. Have heard of very few who are truly in the middle. Run a Google search, you will find many many decisions 'for the union' in serious matters such as these. I work for public transi and we fire them for gross violations of safety. Have not had to re-hire one. The local is on board with this - as they should be. Shame on the President of this local.

Anonymous said...

•Texting while driving
•Physically assaulting a person while on duty
•Reckless driving that resulted in a death of someone.
•Picking up a hooker while on duty

All the drivers involved deserve fair and equal treatment knowing they broke the rules, regulations and the law? Good to know the union is run by the mob. GTFO with that.

Anonymous said...

Who is the arbitrator? Could that pants suit judge have found a new career?

Unsuck DC Metro said...

The arbitrator is David Vaughn.

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:41 = WIN.

Anonymous said...

i know this site is to complain and i get it. i rarely take the bus and my boyfriend is a fucking metro bus driver.

the 'workers' at metro have not had a new contract in almost two years. two. this is starting to really agitate them as well.

what if at your job you had to wait for the word on a raise, an employee review, to sign up for medical...and so forth....for two years? would you be pissed off too?

give some of the nicer people that work for WMATA and who are in the ATU a fucking break.

they're not all bad.

though i have to agree that jeter isn't really the person for the job she has with the ATU.

Anonymous said...

"Because only if a person is in slaved does cease
to not have rights."

Wow, in slaved and a lack of a pronoun.

union forever said...

The Union has a responsibility to defend each and every dues paying member with all the vigor and expertise that WMATA uses to fire them. There would be no need for Union if a person could not be represented for any violation or tressgression that was committed. Also the Union turns down many members who file grievances. Each month 30 or more grievances are filed by members that are dropped by the Union. So to those that work without a Union, I hope you have fair management, but when you work for Metro, believe me you need a union.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

@union forever

Let's see the list of dropped grievances. Let's see the reason McGruff puncher and the other one were reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to be complaining about transparency... then, fine. Make transcripts of the arbitration available to the public. Let everybody see the evidence presented. If I wanted to allege a complaint against my employer with the government, all that information would be public. ATU says that these employees were unfairly let go, then let's see the evidence.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so how many of us have either:

1-Been on a bus that has almost ran red lights, almost mowed down, or seen the driver eating, texting or talking on a cell phone?.

2-Have seen a metro bus blow through a red light or just about mow you down when you are crossing the street legally?

The union needs to settle down when representing members who break local laws. If the members break the law, they should be fired not reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Say it with me, enslave. From mid-English. First used around 1628.

Can you use it in a sentence? "Metro has enslaved the people of the DC area."


Anonymous said...

"This isn't about the riding public"? Oh really? I don't give a shit about "procedure" when it comes to the riding public's safety. I get workers have rights. But maybe when you are so incompetent at your job or are a danger to other human lives at your place of work, you forfeit those rights. WMATA and all these people are fucking criminals.

Oh and Jackie Jeter should learn to spell.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the whole arbitration question, the public's outrage at this union incident largely stems from the fact that its members (along with management) suck on a daily basis at doing their job.

If there were few delays, safe trips, helpful employees, and working escalators, this whole story wouldn't really be a big deal. This is just more anecdotal evidence supporting a reality that we see carried out each week as we commute: WMATA sucks at getting people from point A to point B.

Anonymous said...

This woman told me we are lynching Mr. Brim in her response to my email (I got the one above as well). I sent her a link to people swinging from trees, people who were actually lynched. I can only hope she follows the link and educates herself.

As the public face of her union, she really does her members a disservice.

Anonymous said...

While the slavery comment is obviously silly, Ms. Jeter is absolutely right that the union's responsibility is to protect the workers, not the public. Our beef is with WMATA for hiring these people in the first place and failing to make the terminations stick in arbitration, or possibly with the arbitrator for making the wrong decision.

Anonymous said...

Re:sending Ms. Jeter photos of lynching...

Congratulations, you managed to set the bar even lower.

Anonymous said...

We ought to think Ms. Jeter for finally providing a clear distillation of where the union is coming from.

It's a sad place, but at least we know.

Anonymous said...

The link is not just pictures of people who were lynched. It explains what lynching is. Jackie needs to learn a little history. Shawn has not been physically attacked, he has after attacking a person, gotten his job back with back pay. I am insulted that he is being compared to those who were killed in lynchings.

You know who was lynched? Elijah Parish Lovejoy, Frank Little, Thomas Shipp, Abram Smith, and Laura Nelson were all lynched. They died. Shawn Brim has not been lynched or enslaved.

Anonymous said...

She certainly should not be holding this position if this represents her critical reasoning skills. If arbitration proved these two men should return to work- get the word out there when given the opportunity. Do not use it to shout slander like grade schoolers.

Anonymous said...

Jeter doesn't care about the riding public, the quality of WMATA's services, grammar, or anything other than herself and the dues of the incompetent, anti-social "employees" who keep her paid. It's clear with leadership like her, nothing will ever improve.

I say it's time for the riding public to hold every single employee relying on their union fallback accountable for every text message, phone call, nap, violated red light, surly customer interaction and cop punched in the face. Take pictures/video, note the time, the line, and bus/train number, put it somewhere public and send links to WMATA and every news outfit in town. Let Ms. Jeter claim oppression and throw a fit of poorly constructed sentences all she wants. It's time for unionized WMATA employees to do the job they're being paid to do.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:44 PM, I've had my current job for over four years and I have never been offered a raise, not even a cost of living alowance. My company knows I take Metro every day and they're not helping us with the historical fare hikes.

I don't complain. I just do my job. Maybe I should start looking for a union job.

I hope every DC cop keeps a close eye on the McGruff punching bus driver. A very close eye.

Anonymous said...

If Jeter wants to complain the we 'are only getting half of the story', then she should actually try to tell the other half, rather than jumping to accusations of slavery.

Apparently Jeter prefers to make wild accusations instead. From today's' WaPo story detailing the two cases: "The union declined to comment." That means the Union was contacted, and responded, refusing to comment.

If you want us to hear the other side, Jackie, you have to f**king tell us the other side! At least when WMATA stonewalls they don't call their riders slave-owners in the process.

Tell us exactly why an individual convicted of assault while on the job shouldn't be fired for violating rules against workplace violence. Especially considering that the individual in question must interact with the public on a daily basis in a stressful environment (driving a large, and potential deadly, vehicle in DC traffic). We're all ears, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

OMG.... that email is just so so bad, her boss should terminate her just on those grounds alone, "in slaved" Michelle Rhea just made her point loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

I just sent the following email to Jeter. Doubt it will do any good but at least I will sleep well tonight knowing I tried. I already wrote to my Cong. reps yesterday. Today is a follow-up. Hope they care. Bet I get no response from anyone including Jeter.


I have been following the union and WMATA actions and have read your comments about the recent rehiring of one bus driver who killed someone due to carelessness and another who beat the crap out of a fellow in a McGruff costume.

Your comments are so offensive it is unbelievable. You blatantly say, "You are entitled to your opinion based on what you think you know." Are you KIDDING me? What we THINK we know? I think you need to wake up and realize most of us do not even NEED to think about it - we need only go by what are facts presented. The facts are, one man is dead and another was seriously injured and the two who did it are getting back pay and reinstatement for their actions. That is what has been OBSERVED.

You then dare to bring in comments of slavery? You are simply showing, publicly to one and all, a very lame attempt to bring up issues that are completely unrelated. Please do feel free to explain to me how slavery in the past is related to an innocent dead taxi driver in the 21st century and a fellow who's costume helps teach children how to be better citizens.

SLAVERY? You insult every human who has ever opposed slavery in our nation's history. Shame on you.

You need to stop and smell the reality roses. Your response to the people who wrote to you is not on downright insulting of everyone's intelligence, it is laughably ridiculous and completely unprofessional. You should apologize to those people and everyone else for bringing up such a serious issue as slavery and blatantly insulting all of us metro riders with that pithy line of entitled to "what you THINK you know."

We are not as stupid as you appear to believe.

This email is being copied to the Washington Post, Senators Milkuski and Carden, and the US Representatives for my state.

Your union and metro itself needs a congressional investigation into just what, exactly, you are up to. I will encourage them to pursue it immediately.

(my name withheld from this post)
A metro rider since 1978

Anonymous said...

I am appalled. WOW... She needs to take some of the union budget and hire a PR person, perhaps someone out of High School...

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see all these pseudo-intelligent individuals post their thoughts on how the metro could be run better, how the union could be more intelligent - yet I see none of you signing up to work there in order to rectify problems you so easily identify.

All of you can complain that people do a bad job, but who of you opinionated and intellectually elite will work to make any of the changes you claim need to be made?

I laugh at anyone who claims mental inferiority in regards to someone else when they are sitting around with idle hands being lazy and opinionated.

The simple fact is that lazy and stupid people both produce the same level of work. And if [] got down from his high horse and tried to proactively solve any of these problems by getting involved and working at these institutions, he/she would quickly understand the myriad of issues that people in these systems face.

Despite Jackie misusing slavery to justify her point, that doesn't excuse the blatant ignorance that is apparent here to anyone who puts an honest days work into solving the problems public service workers deal with.

People of weak character whine about problems they refuse to help solve. Strong citizens act to help solve those problems.

I encourage you all to reflect on that before you post more senseless hate.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:53

Please inform us of exactly what you have done to rectify Metro and ATU 689's problems.

I think you forgot that a plurality of metro's ridership consists of public servants. Hardly "idle hands being lazy". And I think they know a little something about "the problems public service workers deal with."

How, exactly, is calling people "lazy and stupid" and "ignorant" isn't "senseless hate"? Please clarify, your Holiness.

Pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Where is the lamestream media on this? A powerful union boss uses reverse racism against the people who pay her salary!

And they wonder why newspapers are increasingly irrelevant.

Unknown said...

Here is my response to her email...

Why is race in question here? Did anyone bring it up?

This, in my opinion, is just further proof of what infuriates so many of us - you're not addressing the real issue, Ms. Jeter. You're trying to sidetrack to something else and are trying to make your union appear as a victim. I don't think anyone is supporting a "slavery" mentality. That, in my opinion, is such a stupid and out of context analogy, I can't even begin to articulate how angry it makes me that you'd make such an analogy. In fact, it's to the point where many of us are bringing this issue to the press, with hopes that an infuriated public will be enough to have you removed from your current position because those comments were so inappropriate. Aside from your inability to coherently write and spell, what you've said in this and several of your responses to other Metro riders is unbecoming of someone who is supposed to represent your union. Your response further cements my and probably many others view that your union doesn't a). care about the people who pay their salary; b).only cares about themselves; c). doesn't know how to respond to the public. If I was a member of your union and found out how you responded, I'd be embarrassed.

If you think proper information isn't being reported by the press regarding your employees, it's YOUR JOB to correct it and defend your employees and to inform the public. I agree, people should be innocent until proven guilty, but I do find it strange that we never hear anything about the innocence of these two particular employees until they file a grievance to be re-hired. Is that because there was some small technicality in how they were fired, so they get a get out of jail free card? Well, we intend to find out. I'm going to purchase a police report (,a,1241,q,544792,mpdcNav_GID,1531.asp) for the assault and accident case and see for myself what the truth is in each of these matters. Then we can see for ourselves and "get the facts" that you say we should have before reserving judgment.

Regardless of the status of the two employees in question, the bigger issue here is your response to the situation and to each of us, which I'm sure everyone would agree has been poor at best.

You owe all of us an apology.

Anonymous said...

@6/9, 4:41 PM

I'm crying here. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:53 AM
- You state, "yet I see none of you signing up to work there in order to rectify problems you so easily identify." You have GOT to be kidding! Does that also mean I should:

1. Sign up to work for BP so the environmental crisis can be fixed/improved/worked on?

2. Join the Police Department so that I can feel safe walking down the street when I got to the grocery store in the HOPES I won't get robbed by a drug addict?

3. Become a drug addict so I will understand their struggles and why they rob me coming from the grocery store?

4. Become a politician so the political process can be improved and hope that the Madoffs of the world won't continue to do what they did?

5. Open a bank so that I can hope to keep my home in the midst of the housing crisis?

6. Become a Toyota employee so that brakes might actually start working on their cars?

(Shall I go on?)

YOU miss the point. Metro and the union are NOT showing ANY honest day's work, solving of problems, nor even awareness there IS a problem.

Jeter was asked clear HONEST (there's your word!) questions and her response was to drag up racism, slavery and claim people can "believe what they ----THINK THEY KNOW" ?

The logic in your argument is missing. You claim weak characters whining - tell that to the dead taxi driver's family. I encourage you, Anon 10:53, to reflect on your arrogance and lack of humanity before you post more senseless claims. Meanwhile, what are YOU doing to improve the situation besides whining insults towards other posters on this blog? You are a mirror to your own post.

(I am going to get off my soap box now. Perhaps an unpleasant necessity, it remains distasteful to this human.)

Anonymous said...

Even if the bus did hit, you have to acquit.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just hold my phone up to Metro train/bus drivers, or station managers as I walk by just to remind them that they are being watched.

Anonymous said...

The camera on my phone, that is...

Anonymous said...

Amen @ anon 11:59!

Anon 10:53, this isn't a civic association or a neighborhood watch, this is mass transit serving the people!

And yes, if I could get an iron clad job where I can operate with impunity at WMATA.. ALL to make changes, I would. First would be to lock out unions. Second, cut the pension plan and hire competent staff. Thirdly, overhaul customer service (among which, implement grooming standards vis a vis, hair cuts and covering of tattoos). Forth, have a solid police presence, not just during the jerk-off drills and sporting events... yada yada yada....

Anonymous said...

OH the joy! Get this folks! There's more to the fare increases than just a regular increase and peak of the peak surcharge. Yes, there is now going to be MORE charges based on your station of need (not necessarily of choice):

Metro Eyes Station Surcharges
posted 06/10/10 11:51 am
WASHINGTON - The Metro Board's Finance Committee just voted to create a new 5-cent surcharge for Metrorail riders using certain stations.

The measure would have to be approved by the full Metro board, which is scheduled to meet on June 24...

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:02

You said:
" And yes, if I could get an iron clad job where I can operate with impunity at WMATA.. ALL to make changes, I would."

If you gave any of the current officials an iron clad job where they could operate WMATA with impunity, do you really think they wouldn't do the same?

As many have stated, you are giving opinions on things you know nothing about. Cutting out a union sounds brilliant to you. Until you find that no one wants to work for a poor company that cannot provide adequate benefits without hiking its transit rates astronomically higher, which in turn negates its efficiency to the public.

I'd love to see the pool of well educated properly trained people you know of that are lying around begging to work for minimal pay and benefits.

And if your solution is to pay them better, I'd love to see how you produce said funds.

Simple problems. Complicated solutions.

Many agree that Jeter presented herself poorly here. But don't let that smokescreen the issue that is the actual disease behind all these symptoms: A poorly funded transit system.

Everyone wants this system to produce more with less and is wondering why it isn't.

You get what you pay for.

Crying about it, doesn't change that.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, here come the apologists.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:45 PM - You get what you pay for huh? How much is a human life worth to you? Several died in the redline accident. Metro bus drivers are mowing pedestrians down like puppies in a mill.

Poorly funded is only part of the problem. The completely tyranical control of a union out of control, a metro board that can count dollars but nothing else, and employees who know they can do anything they want with impunity are the remainder of the problem.

Don't tell ME it's "only a money problem!" That's BS and we all know it.

And how, exactly, do you know that person knows nothing about it? They posted as Anon. For all you know THEY were on that red line train!

You really should not make assumptions when you are claiming it is assumptions being made in error.

Anonymous said...

Really??? I see bus drivers running red lights, pulling out in front of traffic, slamming on their brakes for the girls of New York Avenue almost daily. What a joke this president of the union is. She should have left well (or otherwise ) alone. She sure opened a can of worms. Probably a product of DC Public School System.

Anonymous said...

I am coming back from lunch drunk tomorrow and punching an security guard upon my arrival..

I will report my job status afterwards! LMAO...

Anonymous said...

I hope the members of the union vote Jackie out. She is not doing them any favors. They need some one who is not crazy to be the face of their union.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44 PM said: what if at your job you had to wait for the word on a raise, an employee review, to sign up for medical...and so forth....for two years? would you be pissed off too?

Answer: I work for a college and have not had a raise in 3 years. I do not shirk my duties. I take them seriously and teach students as best as I possibly can. Your claim that for lack of a raise they have the right to act like dangerous idiots and do a poor job has no credibility. How many TEACHERS have had no raises? Do you now state that they should teach poorly? Hope you have no kids.

Meanwhile, Harold p said: I object to the term union boss. She's el presidente.

Response: That is precious! Well said! LMAO!

And last for Anon 2:23PM who is planning a punch-drunk luncheon date... I have no spare cash as metro is taking it all but if I did I'd post your bail, pay your lawyer and laugh my risk-taking-metro-riding buns right along side you to the judge!

The humor that comes along at times (in the midst of the difficult realities) is what makes Unsuck so precious! Go Unsuck!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:45PM

You state "I'd love to see the pool of well educated properly trained people you know of that are lying around begging to work for minimal pay and benefits."

Last time I checked, WMATA employees were making quite a bit of money, some in excess of six-figures. I know plenty of well educated and properly trained people who would work for this type of money. Usually those pulling in such a salary are held to a higher level of responsibility and accountability but not WMATA employees.

Your logic continues to be flawed.

Anonymous said...

Once again many have let the media steer them in a way that will sell papers and get attention on blogs.The driver who alledgely assaulted the woman and was arrested, was spit on by that woman first. Spitting is one of the nastiest acts that anyone can do to another. She is lucky that being chased and falling down steps was the worst of what she got. I dont see anyone including the media highlighting what she did, but the reaction of the driver. I consider myself a mild mannered person, but if someone spits in my face;it's on. If they get hurt in the process, thats what they get. Public servants are not robots, but human beings that have feeling, emotions, and the same rights that everyone else has. So to the media, tell the story unbiasly. Say that a bus driver was assaulted when a nasty women spit in his face, not try to make him the villian. He has his job back and under those circumstances, he should have never been fired

M G said...

@7:34 - there is something called self control, and being a member of a civilized society. If you are spat on, it is up to you to be the 'better person' and walk away, not escalating the situation to where you place yourself in an awkward position where YOU can be prosecuted, despite the fact you were not the instigator. Yes, being spit on is a horrible thing, and enraging for sure - however, is beating the crap out of a person really making it better?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:34 PM - did McGruff spit on the bus driver who assaulted him?

Anonymous said...

why do you censor comments? I posted a reasonable remark last week on these issues. I did not use any profanity or libel anyone. It was a short comment. Why was it not posted?

Anonymous said...

Union thugs cost too much and there is no guarantee that they do the job any better than non-union labor. Also Strikes are no more without the unions.

Anonymous said...

You all are COMPLETELY missing the point. Slavery is not simply defined as slavery in America. It does not mean Blacks being enslaved by whites. In case you didn't read the entire post she seems to be referring to a lack of rights. Even in blatant cases of wrongdoing you have some sort of trial. This knee jerk reaction to the word slavery is very interesting. I wonder what the source of it is?

Mg, haha! Yeah right. If someone assaults someone the other person has a right to react. I personally wouldn't have gone as far as pushing someone at the top of the steps. I'm not sure hwo they thought that was a tit for tat move.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Did you not know the ATU is run by Mr and Mrs. Jeter. 2 votes on the Transit Board isn't that illegal!

Is she the on keeping Caucasians and others from being hired? Is there some kind of "deal" to just hire blacks?

I heard she made racial slurs to a white/male ATU board member.

Look on Google you will see lawsuits against the Union.

Do we write our congressman to see how much of our taxes are being spent to bail out problem employees?

I say hire a diversity of applicants who are competent. Has anyone been criminally charged with running over track persons?

Anonymous said...

Why is J. Jeter's eye black? Did she have a couple of strokes

Anonymous said...

Hey I know a Bus Driver who pushed a woman off the bus and later that day the Manager said write a report and say the lady spit on you.

This is true. The manager is now retired.

Management prompts employees what to say if they are in the"club" Masons.

Mr and Mrs Jeter Pres. and V Pres of the Union are mason/eastern stars ** In the group.

Anonymous said...

WE all know what Ms Jeter meant by "You must believe in slavery". Anyone who knows her and has sat in the Board room knows what she says and what she means.
Just go to a few Union meetings and listen to her.
By the way after this post, Ms Jeter did hire a educated person to write for her and that person also edits the Union Newsletter. It is obvious.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with Unionized Labor... employees know they can slack off and do a shitty job. If they get fired, they know some dumb bitch will fight for them in court. What happened to accountability and taking pride in your work? Fuck the Unions!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As the spouse of a WMATA employee all I can say is thank God that these people are humans before they are anything else. And when he gets out of bed @ 4:30 to be at work for 6:00 lest he be written up for being 1 minute late. Be it snow, rain or ice Metro's motto of the public depends on us and we cannot tell them we are late because our mechanics are late tells me that there is some kind of accountability there.
And please don't even let a wrench fall on your toes that will get you a random drug alcohol test. And as they say who feels it knows it, so thank God for the union.

This is the problem with Unionized Labor... employees know they can slack off and do a shitty job. If they get fired, they know some dumb bitch will fight for them in court. What happened to accountability and taking pride in your work? Fuck the Unions!

In response to the above:
As the spouse of a WMATA employee who hear the tales of what they go through for accountability I would say that Metro is doing good. The rule is rain or shine you be

Anonymous said...

Yeah if you're tight with someone in management be it your brother, father, mother or spouse and you're a proud slacker or you're part of the clique, the union will fight to get your job back.
But for the poor decent hardworking employees who rely on their dedication to producing valuable work and integrity who finds themselves passed over for promotions, retaliated against against because they complained about fear for their safety because another employee threatened to impose physical harm, or being discriminated against because they've found themselves physically disabled and can longer perform their jobs but are not given reasonable accommodations but instead forced to go find another job outside of Metro because they cannot find another within Metro and the union isn't standing up for these workers.
If you are a sick employee or an employee with a serious legitimate complaint then you are collateral damage and on your own. The union seems to protect the wrongdoers and slackers while the decent workers have to fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Unless you've worked for Metro and know the rules of such compony,where employees having to stay on the job overnight when it snow to make sure they have coverage to operate the next day.
Not seeing your parent for two days because
there at work to provide for you and to make sure the public make it to work the next
morning. Local 689 do not play race cards it's the riding public. So I'm saying shut the hell up, and if you are not satified of what's going on apply for a job at Metro and try to make a change.

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