Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Metro Secretly Opens Two New Stations

Despite budget woes, Metro has apparently opened two new stations and done so with little fanfare. The new stations are "Eisenhorn Street" and what looks like "Huntonia-Springfield." Your guess is as good as ours about where these really are. Good luck tourists. Welcome to DC's Metro.

Exclusive photo courtesy of reader "Erik D."

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Anonymous said...

Eisenhower Avenue and Huntington were originally supposed to be on the Blue Line, providing Franconia-Springfield with a direct route to downtown over the 14th Street bridge. I wonder why they ever switched it. And I've heard talk of restoring that kind of service by alternating Yellow Line trains between Huntington and F-S. When is that going to happen?

Mainland said...

They switched due to the timing of stations opening and lack of rail cars. Huntington opened late in 1983, shortly after the Yellow line initially started from Gallery Place to Pentagon. So, to make a semi-complete line, and because they didn't have the cars to extend the Blue line, Yellow went to Huntington. By the time Van Dorn opened in 1991, Metro figured it would just be confusing to swap the lines to their original intent, and that's where things stand today.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Metro contacted us regarding this post because they want to fix the error. Your posts matter. Metro is listening.

The photo was take at Potomac Ave, first or second pylon after the double escalator down to the platform.

Anonymous said...

"It would just be confusing" — so many poor decisions made that way. Shame. Thanks for the background!

Erik said...

I've been checking for months, and noticed last week they fixed this!

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