Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun on the Orange Crush

As requested, some of the better tweets from the Orange Line this morning:
: 14th st. Bridge backups, Orange line shut down, I live in a first class city with third world transportation.
akirby77: well THAT was a fun morning. Orange line... you suck
dlj26: I don't know what's going on on the orange line this morning but it isn't pretty #wmata
hostagehoosier: Screw you orange line! Screw you! #wmata @unsuckdcmetro
87films: orange line EPIC FAIL.
sbrodfue: It always seems that whenever i am running late, metro is too. Thanks orange line.
Miss_Leli: Stupid Metro! Orange Line down, so of course the Blue Line is down also! Uggh! Late to work! Greatttt!
tjoselow: Did not miss WMATA while I was away.
JMUswag: #Metrofail Stuck standing at Rosslyn on a crowded car for 45 minutes. Thanks, #Wmata, thanks.
kevinbinversie: Biggest joke of #metromeltdown: I have yet to get a single email from WMATA about the problems. #metrosucks
arielleholland: Just once i'd like #wmata to explain the nature of the track malfunction #mycommutesucks
BC_Note_to_Self: @wmata I should smack every single 1 of ur train operators/engineers 4 that bs commute on the blue line this morning
emilytbever: You are not "sorry for this inconvenience" Metro. Catoe just won his big award. He's not sorry for a damn thing #wmata
SlimKuwaiti @unsuckdcmetro Nice I have an early morning meeting and the Orange line has a broken down car
Campariman: @metroopensdoors you suck #metrofail
ccopen: Two work mornings in a row @metroopensdoors. Thank you so much for being so reliable.
falloutkid07: Ugh! If you are riding the DC metro on the orange or blue lines- good luck. Massive delays again.
katherineklegin: The dc metro system is the most unreliable piece of crap ever.
MCAdams1980: Dear DC Metro train, I hate you! Thanks for starting my week off right. :-/ Sincerely, one really unsatisfied customer

We highly recommend watching the video in the post below to blow off steam.

Other news:
Metro fixing floors, not trains.
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