Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rider Hall of Shame: Sleeping Beauty

From reader Ray:

This is from a crowded Shady Grove-bound train. This tired, poor soul was in this pose for 8 or 9 stops, ignoring the dozen people standing in the aisle next to him.

He magically awoke from his slumber at his stop, somehow managing to sleep through several rough braking stretches and several sudden stops and starts.

I hope he, or better yet, his friends and colleagues see this, and mock him incessantly.

Hall of Shame members

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Anonymous said...

This morning, I saw a passenger sit down in the aisle and pop open a Pepsi on a crowded downtown red line train. She easily took up standing space for four people and created a roadblock in the middle of the car. This was a first for me. I would assume she was new to metro, but she seemed to know exactly when her stop was coming up from the floor of the train. Most annoying was the fact that she appeared to be a federal employee – parks ranger or something.

Anonymous said...

In this example, I would accidently drop my briefcase on this head. Only joking. It would be more like accidently hitting his head with my briefcase.

Anonymous said...

poor little baby...

Atiyah said...

All you have to do is stand there say and excuse me and give them time to move so you can sit down. I am sorry but people like this will no have me standing because they are inconsiderate.

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