Friday, November 13, 2009

Zero Tolerance

Nov. 11. From SNACKMANIAC. "Eastbound G2, @wmata bus #2147, driver playing video game on smart phone while driving around Dupont Circle IN THE RAIN. He was gaming/txting from GU to 16th & P when I got off. Am going to file a formal complaint. That's how people get run over."

Original pic

Other items:
Weekend delays (WMATA)
Metro charged with dumping hazardous waste (WaP0)
Mikulski tired of "lip service" (WTOP)
Hearing to be held to examine federal role in transit safety (Examiner)
What do you think of the new bus map? (GGW)


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Dupont Circle is one the most dangerous places for pedestrians in the city as it is.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand these drivers. Do they just not care if they kill someone or are they so immature they really believe (like teenagers) that "it'll never happen to me!?" And the union does nothing! It gives me the impression the time for unions is over. This driver should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I get that sometimes people do things that are against company policy. Hell I'm doing it right now by being on the internet, but and it's a big but, don't do things that are a firable offense! And put lives in danger! If you want to break a rule, make it one that won't get you fired or kill/maim someone. break dress code or something.

Anonymous said...

this driver=sucks
lip service=sucks
dumping waste=sucks
new bus map=sucks

Anonymous said...

call 911 next time!!

Anonymous said...

just for the recird no metro bus/train accident has every been caused by texting, eatingm etc...and most ped accidents are caused by people walking against the light in front of 40,000 lbs vechiles...HOW STUPID...STAY OUT OF THE STREET...STOP RUNNING FOR BUSES...AND WAIT UNTIL ITS CLEAR TO DO SO...STOP PEDELING YOUR BIKES SO CLOSE TO BUSES...A#$HOLES...

Anonymous said...

sounds like the previous commenter drives a metro bus.

Anona Mouse said...

Anonymous at 11:21 appears to have composed that comment on a cell phone while driving. Back at ya, Anonymous: STAY OUT OF THE STREET.

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