Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to DC Metro Mr. Sarles

Original cartoon here.

Other items:
Pentagon shooting (WaPo)
FTA report blasts Metro (FTA)
Metro sets public hearings on 2011 budget (WMATA)
Metro introduces new interim GM, Richard Sarles (YouTube)
Metro unveils fare hikes/ service cuts (Examiner)


Anonymous said...

LOVE both the orginial cartoon and the WMATA one! Thanks for sharing! Good way to start off a Friday!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious cartoon! He'll be fine. He's obviously a smart cookie. He said "only temporarily, folks!" What he did not say was, "I ain't no dummy." Wonder if he regrets even the temporary acceptance now that that new report came out slamming Metro and the oversight group.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard. I think he's a fine choice, and a relatively impartial outsider is exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

Give me my fucking dime back. $25K is outrageous for a "financially strapped" system. Do it for $10K or get the fuck out of town.

Anonymous said...

Uh.. Anon 11:28? We best not actually say that. He might actually do it - get out of town. Then we're stuck with the usual ones that seem to always stick around. :-D

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