Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Escalators Can Wait ...

Perhaps Metro could have taken advantage of the down time. We asked, and Metro didn't bother to answer.

From Becca:
The Smithsonian Metro stop has just been closed for three days over the long weekend.

The middle escalator going out of the station has been down for two weeks. The escalators to the platform coming up out of Vienna/Franconia side have also been out for over a week while they have been running the other escalator to the platform going DOWN!

How does that make sense?

Anyway, yesterday morning, at the peak of rush hour, two of the three escalators leaving the station were shut down forcing people to walk up AND down the same one, which created a single file line all the way from the fare gates.

The open "escalator" was caked in ice from the winter weather, amazing no one fell.

Over 5,000 people work at the building that sits directly atop the Metro stop, with thousands more that walk to adjacent buildings and tourist attractions. Apparently, in three days of maintenance, the escalators weren't a priority to be fixed.

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