Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick Door Closing Explained

Illustration. Pic courtesy Keri

I've gotten several emails, and there have been a lot of tweets about how train operators aren't giving passengers enough time to get off and on the trains. I asked a source about it, and here's what they had to say:
It's cyclical. It is due to new classes of operators that come into the system. One started a couple weeks ago.

I am sure they have it drilled into their psyche that they must maintain schedule at all costs.
Soon, reality will set in  that maintaining schedule is just not as easy as it was taught to them. There is no way they could maintain that on the mainline.

Also, they think they are falling behind schedule so they will close doors faster to try to "make up" the time they have lost due to something that has previously screwed the line up.  

They will eventually get into the rhythm that all operators get into. This keeps them from getting too far out of whack. 
It could also be a lack of training.

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