Monday, March 18, 2013

What to do About Other People's Music?

Since I listen to headphones the entire time I'm on Metro, this is not something I really gave much thought to, but I get a lot of email on this topic, so I figure it's worth discussing.

From Adam:
The other day I was reminded why I dislike riding public transportation: having to listen to other people's extremely loud music.

It's usually people with their headphones on, which is pretty annoying, but the most annoying is people who listen to their music through their phone's speakers.

What is the etiquette on asking people to please turn down their music?  Sometimes, I feel that if I sit down after them they had priority, or if there are people closer buy they should say something.

I know there are other issues WMATA has to deal with, but what can be done (I do) about this.


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