Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frustration Calling Metro Transit Cops

From Josh:
This past Friday morning, while passing the Naylor Road station, I noticed something was up.

 Four, twenty-something ladies had another twenty-something lady encircled.  It appeared they all knew each other, and their discussion was becoming more volatile. 

As I passed the group, it became more physical with the women pulling each others' hair.  Since Metro is always saying "see something, say something," I called the WMATA police on (202) 962-2121.

After 30 seconds of ringing, I hung up and checked the number.

I called again and waited for another minute before the operator finally took my call and sent an officer.

In the normal world, if you need help, you can call the police by dialing the universally easy to remember number--911.  By calling 911 from your cell phone, the police can locate you using the enhanced 911 service.

In the WMATA world, you call a number that is difficult to remember.  If WMATA bothers to answer the phone in time, they would not have access to your GPS coordinates because your phone does not know the number you dialed belongs to the police.

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