Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays from Metro

Thanks to Stacey Viera (

He might be better off with reindeer! Thanks to Matt!

Friendship Heights Metro, near elevators to street... (original photo here) Thanks to @oknox for sharing!

davidrutledge The best snowman I've seen yet. Notice the metro employee hat on top.

And last, but not least ...
outtacontext Silly people wearing silly hats on Metro. If we could be so nutty rest of yr would make riding on #wmata bearable.


Anonymous said...

OMG, that first video reminded me that there was this chick singing in the Eastern Market station the other day. Seriously people...shower, private vehicle. Public transportation is not an open mic night stage!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible?!? Is that first video, of the man singing in the car, the reappearance of Singing Korean Bible Guy? Has anyone else seen him? Years ago, I saw him a few times on the Orange and Red lines. He'd hop on a car, sing bible verses for a stop or two, then hop off. But I haven't seen him for a long time. (P.S. -- At least he looked Korean to me.)

Stacey Viera said...

@Second Commenter - YES! He also sang "Silent Night" in another language - perhaps Korean? - after I stopped taping. After that, he received a round of applause from the riders.

Anonymous said...

I use to see him years ago on the red line. least once a year he would get on and recite bible verses.

Anonymous said...

I saw him last year at Christmas time on the red line. It stood out in my memory because the entire car was trying their best not to laugh at the guy!

Will said...

The station master @ Friendship Heights usually puts out boxes on the fair gates filled with candy canes.

It's an awesome treat :)

Paul said...

I've seen that Korean hymn singer on the Metro fairly often for the past several years. He has no interest in money and he doesn't confront anybody. Frankly I enjoy the proselytizing, in that D.C. is so white-wash politically correct. And the greatest thrill is to look around at the faces of commuters, to pick out that reliably angry bourgeoisie Patagonia-clad liberal who left his/her heart at Harvard, Berkeley et al., who shakes his/her head in haughty disgust. Then, there are the out-of-town tourists from Real America who are absolutely charmed. Gotta love D.C.

Mark! said...

I also enjoy 'Korean Singer Guy' on the Orange line. I was glad to see him again after such a long absense. I think DC needs more 'Happy Weirdos' on the Metro; we need to get our moneys worth!

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