Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unsuck DC Metro Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but it's not too late to give the gift of WMATA. Here are but a few suggestions.

Metro shower curtain: Contemplate delays while you get ready to face them. Available at B, B and B.

Yes, you are, and chances are you'll be on the Red Line for a long time, so you might as well be comfortable in this nifty Tee. Get one for all your favorite lines!

Still not sure? Why not try the WMATA online store, where you can find such treasures as DC Transit cuff links ($125), a framed 2005 inauguration memorial farecard for $24 (no fare included) or, for the kids, a Metro Squeeze train toy ($7) so they can see that to which Metro apparently aspires.

LAST YEAR>>>Other items:
NTSB to probe railyard crash (WaPo)
Rough housing at Gallery Place casues major Red Line delays (WaPo)
No one saw that coming
This week's scheduled delays (WMATA)


Anonymous said...

Tooo funny! Got any pillow covers and dust ruffles with the sleeping kiosk attendant on them?

Anonymous said...

"...a Metro Squeeze train toy ($7) so they can see that to which Metro apparently aspires."


Anonymous said...

Is it irony that on the purchase page for the metro escalator picture is a sugggestion that "you may also be interested in" a statue of the Mother Mary called "Our Lady of Knock"?

Brian said...

I dunno, the squeeze toy is kinda cool... like one of those stress-release dolls they sell at the mall. Train delay? Squeeze the hell out of your little squeeze toy... or light it on fire, or beat it against the wall, or whatever makes you feel a little better about another commute on Metro.

greyintheusa said...

Haha where did you guys find that stuff? Those are the last images I'd want in my home! Although the squishy foam bus in the WMATA store is kind of comforting - if only they were actually made of foam...

MartinB said...

That shower curtain is kinda nifty!

Kansas Jack said...

According to that magnet, PG County intends to annex the Minnesota Avenue and Deanwood stops. Someone alert the militia! Quick, to the guns!

Anonymous said...

Let's pitch in and buy Mr. Unsuck the shower curtain!

Anonymous said...

hilarious! the online store is OFF line.

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