Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Email Alerts Fail

Anyone else get caught off guard because of lack of word from Metro?

From Dave:
So I really wonder what the point is of the Metro email alerts.

This morning, after scraping all of the ice off of my car, I headed to the Rockville Metro station to head into work. When I got there, a cone was blocking the gate to the parking lot, which seemed unusual.

Normally, they'll do that when the lot is full, so you don't enter and waste your time looking for a non-existent parking space, but in this instance, the lot was clearly not full.

The woman in the parking kiosk said that train service between Shady Grove and Twinbrook had been suspended, but she didn't know why.

Well, that's just great.

You'd think that would be something Metro would email out to customers, since it's a major service disruption and delay.

I checked my inbox, nothing from Metro.

They emailed about delays earlier in the morning, but nothing regarding this.

How can there be a suspension of service at three stations and NO email alert has been sent?

I went to Metro's website and sure enough, it shows the Red Line as being on time but under that it says "Red Line: No service btwn Twinbrook & Shady Gr. due to Pepco wires hanging over roadway. Delays both directions."

So it says the line has no delays, and then under it says delays in both directions. And on top of that, WHY DIDN'T THEY EMAIL THEIR CUSTOMERS AND TELL US THAT?!?

My solution to the problem? Work from home and not give those bastards my money. I swear Metro thinks if they don't REPORT the problem/delay, then it never happened.

What a joke.
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