Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is the Red Line Haunted?

Photo courtesy HMdb

We joked this morning on Twitter that the Red Line must run through that burial ground from the movie Poltergeist because of all the fires, malfunctions and disruptions.

Thanks to information provided by @fuzzface01, it turns out part of the Red Line is actually built on the site of a former cemetery.

If you're not familiar with Poltergeist, evil spirits haunt a house in a subdivision that was built on a burial ground. The subdivision developer said they'd relocated the cemetery but in fact, they just moved the headstones to save money. The grounds were desecrated to make room for the homes, and the spirits were none too happy. Creepiness ensues.

Apparently, the Rhode Island Ave.-Brentwood station is built on top of a decommissioned cemetery.

According to the Historical Marker Database, "Many distinguished Black citizens including Civil War veterans were buried in this cemetery. These bodies now rest in the new National Harmony Memorial Park Cemetery in Maryland."

Wonder if Metro just moved the headstones...
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