Friday, May 20, 2011


Metro is lowering its performance targets in several key areas, including on-time rates for trains and buses as well as availability for escalators.

In a presentation scheduled to be given to the Board next week (pp. 16-18), Metro says it's lowering its on-time target for rail from greater than 95 percent to greater than 90 percent. The reasons (their words):
  • 5% reduction due to manual train operations
  • Operators need additional time to manually stop at the stations and open/close the doors and there is greater variability between train operators
  • Trend data and prior experience validates new target
Bus on-time targets are being lowered from greater than 80 percent to greater than 78 percent. The reasons:
  • Metrobuses get caught in traffic on area roadways where congestion is bad and getting worse
  • Washington, DC is the most congested U.S. region according to the Texas Transportation Institute
  • Metrobus selected a stretch target of 78% even though historical trends indicate 75% as more attainable
For escalators, the goal is now greater than 89 percent availability as opposed to 93 percent, which they say is a stretch as "performance in 2011 is anticipated to decline." The reasons:
  • Needed capital overhauls will take almost twice as many units out of service
  • Improving to 60% preventive maintenance compliance will identify a backlog of repairs that must be addressed
Metro does say it expects to raise the bar for escalators in 2012.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Metro says they "will evaluate and revise escalator maintenance procedures with an emphasis on 'getting things right the first time.'”
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