Friday, May 27, 2011

Metro's Home Brewed Signage

via @nicolevins Spotted at Ballston... #goodidea #wmata

Via Matt

Via @allunso If you don't know which "eslator" you need to take, just follow the signs at McPherson sq

These used to be funny, but after seeing so many of them, they're just kind of sad as one begins to understand how deep-seated many of Metro's problems truly are.

Several current and former Metro workers we've spoken to all point to poorly educated workers as a major problem for WMATA.

Can the makers of these signs read and understand Metro training or regulation manuals? Can they read or understand written communication from management? Can they express safety concerns in a coherent way? Can they study, learn and pass tests for more responsible jobs?

Sadly, these problems are beyond the scope of more Metro funding, new by-laws, a newish GM or a new board.

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