Monday, June 20, 2011

Station Manager Hurls Insults at Riders

Via an anonymous Tumblr:
The other day, I was on my way to Reagan National Airport from work to pick up my family who were coming to visit.

When I got off, I couldn't help but notice a girl having trouble with her SmartTrip card.

She looked around and, not noticing anyone to help her, walked through the gates.

A few moments later, I saw a rather hefty woman, who was clearly a WMATA worker, come out of nowhere, screaming at the top of her lungs at this girl.

The girl turned around in surprise and approached the manager. She tried to ask for help, but the station manager put her hand up in the girl's face and called her a little bitch and walked off!

The girl started yelling at the station manager, saying she didn't appreciate the attitude, adding that she should be helping her, not insulting her.

The station manager continued to walk away.

So the passenger called her a bitch back and walked off.

After meeting my family, we walked back to the Metro station to head home.

To my surprise, we met the same girl back at the station. She was in line to buy tickets with her family or friends.

Her card would not work again.

She approached the same station manager who was now in her kiosk, and the station manager refused to help her again.

She mentioned something about the girl having a sh*tty attitude, and the girl started to scream and curse at her through the microphone.

Then, out of nowhere, another woman (who I am guessing was the girl's mother) started punching the kiosk glass, asking the station manager to come out.

Despite a growing line of customers also needing help, the station manager came out and got up in the woman's face and started screaming “You don't know the story!”

The girl asked for the station manager's name so she could complain, and the manager threw her tag at her.

After that, she pleaded with her mom to just forget about it.

They walked away, but the station manager followed them to the escalator, all the while blowing kisses and calling them “haters.”

This was the most unprofessional behavior I have ever seen in a WMATA worker, and this woman should absolutely be fired.

Has anyone else had a problem with this woman? She has gray hair and is rather hefty and maybe in her early 60s?
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