Friday, December 11, 2009

The Shakeup

Metro Musical Chairs. (WaPo)


Anonymous said...

What a joke.

RogerPL said...

Metro's night of long knives. Will accomplish NADA

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is a jack of all trades and master of none. Dan Tangherlini came to Metro, looked at the undercurrent of inept managers, and took of the first chance he had. That is how you know that man has talent. The ability to see crap and navigate clear off it.
Jim Graham had his right hand boy making shady deals with cab drivers, right under his nose, and now he wants to take charge and fix the elevators/escalators. Really? Sen. Mikulski should have included you in the lip service comment.

Anonymous said...

Metro's attempt at fixing its management problems is a joke. A primary example is the THIRD reassignment of its assitant general manager of communications. She started as chief of staff, a position from which she was removed because of incompetence. She was then reassigned to lead the communications department where she again failed miserably. Now she will be reassigned to manage special projects (whatever that is) while keeping a high six figure salary, paid for by tax payers. Mind you this is a senior manager who at a recent executive staff meeting, who when faced with disagreements from colleagues, responded by going around the table saying "F**k You" to everyone who disaggreed with her, with the general manager present. This would never happen in the private sector and should never happen at Metro. Metro can do better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the system is falling apart. The people who've been here for years have been running like hamsters on a wheel, trying to hold eveything together with scotch tape and bandaids. A common saying was "We do more with less." Lack of dedicated funding never stopped the dedicated people trying to keep service running. But, eventually it caught up with them.

In comes Catoe. His entire executive staff came from small rail and bus systems. They waltzed in, took over like they knew better than people who've been running the system for years. Some of the things they say are jaw droppingly stupid.

They treat the hard working, experienced staff like crap. A senior manager swearing at staff in front of the GM is not surprising. His staff has threatened some of the best people Metro has.

Morale is at an all time low. Experienced people with the years to retire are jumping ship. The result will be catastophic. A young workforce with little experience, and an executive staff that is clueless will sink this ship.

Catoe's safety measures would be a joke if they didn't cost so much and have the effect of easting valuable time.

The Board is just as clueless for supporting an incompetent leader. The successes of his tenure (the inauguration and 4th of July) were due to hard work by a knowledgeable staff, who ignored Catoe's cronies and did what they do best.

Anonymous said...

There will be no improvement in safety at Metro until Dave Kubicek is fired. If Catoe was the architect of the dismantling of safety at Metro, Kubicek executed the plan.

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