Monday, January 25, 2010


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Looks like Metro had a little problem today at Silver Spring.

The official explanation for the Red Line's delay at noon Monday was a "train malfunction" at Silver Spring. To my untrained eye, though, it looks less like a train malfunction and more like a track jump. It looks like the lead car's front wheels were directed to continue north while the rear wheels were directed to the turnaround point.

Bravo, Metro. Bravo.

UPDATE: It's going on 1 p.m. and no fewer than 10 Metro workers are now on the scene. The official line is now that a "train malfunction" has caused a "disruption at Silver Spring." I have yet to hear or see the immobilized train move. Here's hoping the problem is resolved before this evening's rush hour.

UPDATE 2: I noticed at 1:30 p.m. that the train was moved while I wasn't looking. It looks like trains are still single tracking through Silver Spring, but I suppose incremental progress is still progress.

According to Metro, "The train operator overran a red signal at the switch for the pocket track. The train did not derail." There was no damage, and Metro workers were "able to un-couple the cars and back them out."


Anonymous said...

Better check with the union to see if that's SOP.

Anonymous said...

I want John Catoe's resignation! Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

The driver in question is apparently in the running for GM

Anonymous said...

the addition of federal board members is like ranier wolfcastles goggles in radioactive man... they do nothing!

varun said...

Quick! Hire this train operator as GM.

He got his passengers to work "fundamentally alive".

K said...

Does anyone else think Metro needs to develop a rating system? Almost everything could be considered a disruption. Describing the July 22 accident as a malfunction is technically correct but rather useless to anyone receiving that message.
Give me the numbers and I will text people saying, "Something happened, somewhere." It will be about as useful as metro alerts.

Perhaps colors?
Red = Get out of the metro system and start walking.
Orange = You will get there (eventually), hope you brought a book.
Yellow = Irritating delay, but not more than an hour.
Green = Situation Normal, All Sucky

Rich said...

Everyday I go to work hoping I don't die on the redline... and I've only been here 7 or 8 months lol. This is sad.

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