Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NY's MTA To Increase Fares, Cut Service

Some pretty dramatic developments with New York's Metro Transit Authority, which today voted for major fare increases as well as service cutbacks, according to the New York Times.

"The fare hikes on the subway and buses, including an increase in the base subway and bus fare to $2.50, from $2, will take effect on May 31.

Commuter rail fares will increase on June 1. Tolls on the authority’s bridges and tunnels will also go up, with the increase taking effect in mid-July.

The service cuts are far reaching. They include the elimination of 35 bus routes and two subway lines, the W and Z. Off-peak and weekend subway, bus and commuter rail service will also be cut back. The city comptroller’s office Web site allows you to search for the cuts by zip code."

Are these the kinds of tough choices WMATA needs to make, albeit on a smaller scale, yet can't? Can WMATA continue to look at the fringes to bridge its budget gap? Will the stimulus money keep WMATA from having to make any kind of choice?

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