Friday, March 20, 2009

Bravo Red Line Riders!

By Tim Casey, contributing writer

Every now and then, you'll read a story about people walking by a dying or dead person without giving so much as a glance, but today I saw something on the Red Line that restored my faith that there are some decent people out there.

If you go through Chinatown at all, you already know that the escalators this week have been especially horrible, at least on the Glenmont side.

As I was making my way toward two non-working escalators, I saw a man take a tumble down one of them and whack his head in what looked and sounded bad. After a second of everyone staring wide eyed, three people rushed over to help the man while everyone else calmly waited without a single complaint. They quickly helped the visibly shaken man to his feet and aided him down the rest of the way while trying to determine if he needed medical assistance. Given the recent tragic death of Natasha Richardson, that was a good idea.

Bravo Red Line riders!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know there are nice people riding Metro. It seems most people are on their worse behavior so often on the subway

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