Monday, March 30, 2009


WTOP is reporting that the faulty section of track that caused this weekend's mayhem on the Red Line had been inspected just days before the incident.

"That area was inspected three days before," Metro General Manager John Catoe tells WTOP. "We are sending that piece of rail off to be tested to see if there's any defects in it."

We used this photo a few weeks back as a caption contest and had quite a few humorous submissions. Little did we know Metro workers inspecting tracks for faults are allegedly missing them!

We've gotten some heat that the name of this site is too harsh, but stories like this confirm to us that it was a wise choice.

We hope Catoe is happy with his clean, yet apparently dangerous subway system.

If you'd like to voice your concerns to Metro, attend some of the public hearings being held to discuss "service adjustments."

Wary of Metro? Try the new 16th Street bus.

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Anonymous said...

THis is outrageous! What will it take for Metro to get its act together. Will it require injuries?

Anonymous said...

Can we send Catoe off to be tested...his leadership sure seems defective.

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