Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kiss & Ride Gauntlet?

Readers Sam and Sara sent in the above photo with the following text:

"Why is it that they let so many cabs use the East side of the Glenmont Kiss & Ride as a waiting space? The cabs crowd up there so heavily that they make it difficult for drivers picking up people to get by the cabs and into the pickup area. I keep wondering if now and then a car doesn't sideswipe a cab trying to get through them."

At East Falls Church, our "home station," cabs wait outside of the Kiss & Ride area on Sycamore street. It's a lot better situation than this appears to be.

What's it like at your station?

Other items:
Metro seeking public input earlier (WaPo)
WTOP's Pt. 2 "Ride at your own risk"

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Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about this situation at Glenmont, thinking it was an accident waiting to happen. Seriously, you're putting lives at risk by allowing this sorta chaos.

Scott Gentzen said...

At Vienna, the issue on the south side is that there's a stop sign there and pedestrian cross traffic. The traffic backs up there all the way back through the Nutley St exit onto 66. For the bus riders, the Connector buses get stuck in that mess.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of whinners! I swear, it seems like you complain just for the sake of complaining. There is plenty of room to get there, what's the big fuss about?

If the cabs wern't there, I bet you'd be complaining when the day came that you needed a cab and couldn't find one.

Anonymous said...

It's not cabs, its apartment shuttle buses and riders who have to get dropped off at the very closest spot to the front, rather then getting out and walking.

Shady Grove on the East Side is a NIGHTMARE at rush hour. People are idiots.

Rachel B said...

At New Carrollton the cabs have a dedicated lane with a divider that keeps them out of the way most of the time, although there's some spillover if there's an unusual number of cabs waiting for a fare and sometimes a driver near the split will sit with his door open to save on AC, which does slow things down a little as people try to squeeze by. The only real problem is the confused souls who don't immediately realize the one thing all those stopped cars have in common and hold up the works while they try to figure out which lane they're supposed to use.

And @anon number two, in what way would the cab drivers' finding a more sensible place to wait result in anyone complaining that they couldn't get a cab? This is a whole blog about complaining, dear; if you don't like it, don't read it.

Also, 'whiners' only has one n.

Anonymous said...

Apartment shuttles blocking the Kiss and Ride? Ahem - Oakwood Shuttle at EFC - they must be talking about you!

Anonymous said...

@anon #2

first, learn to spell before you insult people.

second, i agree with "sam and sara" about the situation at glenmont. i've started picking up my husband elsewhere.

Brian said...

I've often wondered how it is that no one has gotten flattened by one of the buses or cabs that make Rosslyn such a mess, but it isn't as bad as some of them I suppose. I don't head up to Silver Spring often, but that one was just a disaster- even before all the construction started.

Anonymous said...

New Carrollton's "IRS side" is not a kiss-n-ride. It's a parking lot. Try and get in to drop off or pick up someone and you run a gauntlet comparable to the parking lot at Walmart during Christmas time.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I lived out closer to Shady Grove, the Kiss and Ride, at least on the side where 370 lets on, was /awful/. There was one time when my ride was backed up onto 370 because one person was parked in the middle of the Kiss and Ride lane and no one could get around. I asked her to move -- and when she did, someone else just took her place and parked again! By then, my ride had enough room to sneak into the bus lane -- which many other cars did as well -- and we at least were able to drive off before another backup ground the station to a standstill.

Anonymous said...

In Tenleytown, our cabs wait two blocks away at the Tenley Mini market

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