Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Metro

From an anonymous reader.

OK, so there's no stuffing yet, but hey, it's probably not rush hour.

Have a great holiday. Back Monday.

Rider Hall of Shame

Other items:
Metro spends $38,000 on lighting pilot (WaPo)
$38,000 seems pretty expensive to light up one small area, but the best part is this: "Metrorail stations have 73,836 lights. Many of them are impossible to reach from the platform. Metro has to stop the trains to allow workers to replace a bulb along the granite platform edge. "
More form over function thinking from Metro


Anonymous said...

this is PRICELESS.... LMAO

Anonymous said...

They have to stop the trains??? Perhaps they could change those bulbe when the system is closed for the night?... Naaah.

Anonymous said...

..but... there's no light at night time! It's scary in the dark. ;-D

Anonymous said...

In fairness, the form over function decision was made in 1972. Some members of their current management were still in diapers.

Anonymous said...

c'mon anonymous november 25, 2009 1:13pm
just get another battery powered lamp

i hope they replace the dead lamps with LED-based ones, which last ten of thousands of hours of life time, while consume less energy

Anonymous said...

Da battery is not in my metro budget. and I sorta misplaced the lamp. I think I left it on that train in the parked station... slightly damaged from.... ;D

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