Thursday, November 12, 2009

WMATA Employee Rescues MP3 Player

From reader David:

On Nov. 3, as I waited for a train at Farragut North, I pulled out my MP3 player from my briefcase, and it slipped out of my hands, falling to the platform and then down onto the tracks below.

As hundreds of people stared at me wondering what I should do, I walked back up the escalator to the station manager to explain my dilemma.

After he kindly asked me what I needed, I explained to him the situation, and he enthusiastically grabbed a broom and dust pan and walked with me back down to the platform.

After waiting for a train to go by, he laid down on the platform, shined a flash light underneath, located my MP3 player and, using the broom, managed to push it into the dust pan to give it back to me.

I was so grateful and wanted to share with everyone that although we normally only hear, see or think about the negative WMATA employees, there are a lot of people out there who do care and do go above and beyond.

I plan on writing into WMATA to let them know about the kindness of this particular employee, and I hope others to the same when they see good in WMATA employees.

Other employees that shine.


Anonymous said...

Wow... wish that bus driver who watched some little shit steal my ipod right out of my hand, jump off the bus, and run into the night would have cared at all when I ran after the kid. Not even a call into the police. Asshole!

Anonymous said...

Give that metro employee a raise! No wait! Give him Cato's job! At least he cares. This employee was willing to jump on the tracks during "traffic hours of operation" to help get the MP3 back.

That is way cool. Is this a sign the employees on the trains are perking up on our behalf? Think they know we would honestly appreciate it (as much as we distain the current B.S. often seen)?

Kate said...

Nice that the employee would go to such effort in this situation. Though, I would be concerned if he was putting himself in harms way. I'm paranoid about even crossing a street in front of a metro bus. I won't do it, unless very sure the driver sees me. I surely wouldn't trust that a train won't come, or would hold (if told to do so), or would stop, and that there's enough time between trains to retrieve the item. That the employee did this makes me quite nervous.

S@m said...

Great to hear stories like these.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar story, my keys fell on the platform and i went to talk to the guy at the kiosk and he wasn't very polite or caring. I was late for work, my house keys and my car keys were gone..i could see them but i couldn't reach them! it was rush hour, so i kept asking for help and they said to wait for the end of rush hour and they will get to it and i can come back after work to get them. He didn't get my name or anything, so anybody could claim my keys and get my car!! so i waited...i wasn't going to go to work and risk it.
After a while of waiting i approach a metro worker that was talking to a metro officer on the platform and asked him if he had been informed about my keys..he said nobody had said anything.
He asked me to show him where the keys where...he said "ill take care of it" and left for a while..came back with a broom and a coat hanger that he made into a hook and fished for my keys!!!
HE IS MY HERO!! he was so polite and i thanked him and he was very modest, as if nothing.
You will never find good metro workers, but the once that you do like him should be honored.
I got to work and i had my keys in my purse.

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