Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Many Metro Workers Does it Take to ...

Paint the depressing-as-hell gates at the East Falls Church Station?

From Steve:

Why are Metro workers seldom seen in groups of less than three?

East Falls Church has been getting a painting makeover. Honestly, I'd never noticed that the old paint looked bad, but for whatever it's worth, they're painting over everything: lamp poles, staircase handrails, the bus shelter, and even these hideous gates.

They've been at it for the past several days. When I walked by on Tuesday morning, they were talking for the most part, not painting.

Sure enough, in the evening when I came home, they appeared to have only done half.

On Wednesday, they were back it it with the light posts. They even painted over the lighting hoods on the staircase that either don't work or have long since been smashed and never repaired.

With some motivated people, everything in that station that "needed" painting in Metro brown could have been done in one day, maybe a day and a half.


Anonymous said...

Are they Metro workers or contracted to Metro? I guess it doesn't make much of a difference since Metro never fires anyone, anyway. Perhaps they're "re-classed" from other positions -- perhapes they used to be bus drivers.

Matt said...

Yeah those lights on the staircase annoy me every time I walk on them -- why didn't they ever fix the ones that are busted?

Anonymous said...

The other day, I was on a YL train heading toward U st. I didn't realize it was yellow until I got to Mt. vernon where it turns around at rush hour. there was a group of metro employees standing there at the front of the platform. one of them had a clipboard, and the others seemed to be doing nothing else but socializing.
they didn't even seem to be catching up with the idea that most of them would soon walk away. they all seemed to have been there a while.

why? your guess is as good as mine

Anonymous said...

They were being educated. "This is a train. It is t-r-a-i-n. This is the big thing that runs alot. Over thair now. That is called a kiosk. Say it like kee-awsk. That is where you nap...."

Hostage Hoosier said...

You can be sure they were not contracted workers. The union would have a fit if work was being outsourced.

Anonymous said...

the big dipper of tax money

Anonymous said...

Metro. The best jobs program taxpayer money can buy.

If you love Metro, you'll love ObamaCare.

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