Friday, January 22, 2010

Rider Hall of Shame: Full-On, 4- Seat Fail

From Amanda:

I got on the blue line train [after the holidays] after flying into DCA and was quickly reminded that my vacation was over.

When I got on the train this fella was laying across four seats (impressive!) with his head on the one of the seats (disgusting!). Please just try to imagine that.

He straightened himself up when I sat across from him, and by straightened I mean he moved into this position you see here, still taking up four seats.

Ah, thanks for the welcome home.

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Anonymous said...

you sir are a jagoff lesser well bred cousin, the slouching douchenozzle.

please refrain from living on public transit in the future.

Anonymous said...

If they could just keep their shoes of the seats, I would hate them less. I don't want my clothes to get dirty b/c of your laziness.

Anonymous said...

Wish this pic had included his face, so those who read this blog could see who this jerkface is.

Anonymous said...

I see you put your bag on the seat next to you. Train must not have been that full, or you also were being a douche by taking up another seat with a bag.

Brian said...

I admit that I'm guilty of this if it's a weekend train with few people on it. (I'm 6'5", it isn't fun to cram my poor legs into that tiny space most seats give me!)

On a weekday, whoever heard of being able to get a seat on a train anyway, let alone four?

Anonymous said...

If there are many spaces available, I really don't care either as long as feet are off the seat. Problem is most riders these days appears to have never been taught public courtesy. They do it when trains are packed. This particular person in the photo is a jerk. A real live jerk. (Hope they read this blog too. hah!)

Amanda said...

My bag was actually sitting on my lap, but thanks for calling me a douche.

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