Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January is National Blood Donor Month

But please don't leave your donation on the Metro!

From Alison: "This is how the zombie apocalypse will begin."

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Anonymous said...

This surprises you about the Examiner? Ha. It's a douchebag paper run by douchebags for douchebags.

nevermindtheend said...

It's actually not your photo - you can tell because the lines on the wall behind the ad aren't the same in the two photos.

nevermindtheend said...

...though now that I look at it again, it seems that they lightened the photo so it looks like the indentations in the wall end lower than they really do.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 8:46:

The Examiner has much more content than the Express. It's just largely conservative content. Instead of saying it's a douchebag paper, why not just say "I'm a liberal and don't like conservative newspapers like the Examiner?"

Anonymous said...

I'd rather say you are missing the point. The point is they stole. Who cares what their political view is as it is obviously not honest.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the same photo, just cropped differently aand color adjusted. look at the pock marks in the wall. identical.

Unsuck DC Metro said...


Dear Unsuck,

I saw your comment on the story and we owe you an apology. Indeed it seems
one of our designer used your photo and mislabeled it a courtesy photo. We
are changing it in our online version.

Again apologies about this. Credit should go where credit is due.


Anonymous said...

Wow. How nice. Can they teach Jim Graham, Chris Zimmerman and Peter Benjamin how to move more efficiently, effectively and courteously no less?

Roma said...

Holy cow. I find the vial of (human?) fluid incredibly disturbing. Looks like Metro is turning into the Jersey Shore!

Anonymous said...

Such a happy ending, photo credits all around. Maybe some local photographers can pay their bills with photo credits, or the "exposure" that comes with photo credits. Whoopee!

Ashley said...

January is the National Blood Donor Month. I am here to spread the word about blood donations and be a blood donor. I've been a blood donor 3 years already and it really makes me feel proud because I save lives. As we all know, blood banks shortages kills tons of people and every 2 seconds someone in the United states needs blood.

This is will be time to make a difference and help each other. You can visit they have all the information on how to be a blood donor and a directory of all the Blood Bank in the United States.

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