Monday, January 25, 2010

Metro Employees Park Illegally, Wash Cars at Kiss & Ride

@mikelastort Metro employees abusing Kiss & Ride spaces again #wmata (Jeep is repeat offender)

Reader Mike has been vigilant about the abuse of the Kiss & Ride parking spaces by Metro employees at Takoma. Last year, we reported it here and here.

Back then, in response to the complaints, Metro said:
Employees have to park legally and follow the law. A staff notice was issued last year to all employees reminding them of this.
And yes, we do issue tickets everyday to vehicles that are parked illegally, including those owned by Metro employees. This also includes WMATA work vehicles.
If customers observe this activity and wish to report it, they can call Metro’s Transit Police at 202-962-2121.

For a while, the illegal parking at Takoma appeared to stop, but according to Mike, who took the pic above on Jan. 11, Metro employees are abusing it again.

Yes, things appear to shift at Metro, but they often revert to the status quo ante.

In a hilarious footnote to the story, we got this little tidbit from Mike on Jan. 24:
Took Metro to DC to see the Georgetown game. Got back to Takoma, and a Metro employee was washing his car in a K&R spot. Amazing!
Wonder if that was on the clock? We asked if the car was a repeat offender, to which Mike said:
No, it was a car I never saw before. Heard music blasting from the platform. Went down the elevator, and it was this guy's car stereo. lol
Good job, Metro.

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Anonymous said...

What about non federal workers? Do we get the same rights?

RmichaelDBorg said...

It's simply amazing to me the entitlement many Metro employees seem to feel. The other day, I watched a group of about 4 of them taking the money out of the fare machines at Glenmont.
Just their body language showed they didn't give a sh*t about it, slamming things, being sloppy.
Why does it take so many Metro workers to do that job anyway.
Seems like an open invitation to "how many metro workers does it take to...?" jokes.

Anonymous said...

@ franconia you're always solid for a good 4-6 cars parked by the exit (right beyond the gate) illegally in the morning. Throw in a few cars marked as metro either in the garage or around the outside - you easily have about 8 cars parked illegally every morning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the car wash was a fundraiser for Metro's budget gap!

I've been waiting for a bake sale, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to speak for everybody, but I have to question the market for Metro's shit sandwiches... maybe a bake sale isn't a great idea after all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the poor guys have to wash off some of the 50,000 tons of salt they spread all over each station.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a complaint and got the response from Metro police that they would look into it and that the issue was very important to them. Apparently that was code for "couldn't care less" and "leave us alone." The employee cars are so thick at Brookland they've moved from just the Kiss and Ride spots to filling the metered parking and handicapped spots as well. Most days ALL spots are filled. Truly classy. Apparently even Metro employees won't rely on Metro to get to work.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how much they flush down the drain on unfed meters, not to mention the salaries of the parking enforcement officers who are clearly not doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

looks like this guy has some outstanding parking tickets as it is in dc. two to be exact. why hasnt she/he been towed?

Unknown said...

For what it's worth, I see that Jeep I took a picture of back in January parked in the Kiss & Ride spaces at least once a week or so.

Unknown said...

Tried to send this to Metro tonight from their web page.

Dear Metro,

How can I get a free parking pass at Takoma Metro? How can I get the same pass as the one that allows the douchebag asshole fucktard who drives the green jeep in this picture to park wherever he wants?

Green Jeep Maryland tag #00449M7 seems to have the ability to park anywhere he wants, and you people don't do a god damned thing about it. Nice deal if you can get it, I guess.

It would be great if customers could get perpetual free parking, but I can only assume that the privilege is reserved for you and your cronies who look the other way when Metro employees consistently and continuously break the law, right?


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