Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bottom of the Transit Death Spiral

Mike Licht

Last week, we brought you what we thought was sophisticated revamp of the current Metro system map. However, given Metro's budget woes, "safety" record, likely service cuts, and terrible customer service, we feel this map more correctly portrays the Metro your kids will ride unless things are dramatically turned around.

Other items:
Bus driver fired, wait no. (Fox News)
NTSB documents regarding 6/22 crash (NTSB)
Post's take on NTSB hearing day one /Examiner's take/FoxNews take
Post picks up raccoon story (sorta makes it sound like they broke the story, no?)
Bad luck


Anonymous said...

That is TOO funny! And I am sure the commute will be just as long as it is now.

KUDOS Unsuck for the article in today's Wshington Post! About time you were recognized!

(And I am stunned by the employee's comment about who rightfully 'belongs.')

Anonymous said...

This is definitely where we're heading at this point?

Anonymous said...

HA! I can just hear the voices now... 'This is the Blue Line train to Falling off the Map'

Anonymous said...

Making great big assumptions about your readership with that kids comment!

You are reinforcing stereotypes people have about bloggers!

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