Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MTA v. WMATA v. Snow

Thanks to SE for pointing out this New York Times article about today's blizzard. Here's the key excerpt:

"... New York would see 12 to 15 inches — a lot, to be sure, but less than had piled up in places farther south during the storm last week. In New York itself, the worst was expected later in the day, potentially creating a nightmarish commute home. Some transit lines planned extra service for early afternoon, figuring that workers who made it into the city in the morning would abandon their desks before the regular quitting time."

Can you IMAGINE such a thing? Transit officials looking ahead to bad weather from the passenger's point of view?

On Sunday, I waited an hour for the single Green Line train that was running to take me from Navy Yard to Fort Totten, where I walked 3 miles home to Silver Spring. The walking is fine; I understand they couldn't run above ground.

While I was at Navy Yard there was not a single sign or employee to tell us when to expect a train.

Signs like the one in the photo were the norm.



Anonymous said...

WMATA is not known for being proactive, except about cancelling service.

Anonymous said...

Metro, I got your full service right here

herrVebah said...

I'm fairly certain WMATA implemented early rush hour service last Friday in anticipation of the Snowmageddon Returns, Part 1. I remember getting an e-mail about it at work some time in the morning.

Anonymous said...

you've gotta be kidding. I think you're giving the MTA way too much credit here.

All the extra service, concern, notifications...those are usually done in Manhattan in high-traffic areas. However, go out to Brooklyn on the G line and you'll see NO signs if the train is delayed, has shuttle service, etc.

Trains in DC are a vacation. They're clean, and mostly on time. Also, you have HEATING in the stations here. NY is just ventilated because its so old.

Anonymous said...

I'd add one more thing to this. The entire time they're running trains twice an hour at best, they're still charging rush-hour fares...

Matt said...

I'd add one more thing to this - While Metro is running all this reduced, unpredictable service, they're still charging rush-hour fares.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a given that the above-ground stations can't be open? They are open all the time in Boston, NYC and Chicago. There's no good excuse for that. Trains shouldn't have any problem with snow.

Anonymous said...

We don't have the equipment Boston, NYC, et al has to deal with massive snows.

Kara said...

Metro cuts off most of VA yet again tomorrow, not even buses, and my office is open. When are they going to cover that (**&)*& strip around Arlington Cemetery?

John said...

To rub it in a bit, I rode a train above ground today in New York, around 4pm. There didn't seem to be a problem. I'm told that as long as they keep running the trains, the snow stays off the tracks.

Also don't listen to whiners on the G train. They knowingly chose their exile.

Anonymous said...

I waited 26 minutes for an Orange line train this morning. I understand having the trains only running underground, and I understand reduced service (seeing as the govt is closed), but why can't the Next Train Arrival signs work? That doubled the length of my commute this morning. Thanks WMATA!

Anonymous said...

There's no reason why they can't be running above ground. If the trains are on the tracks, they stay clear of snow. It's just that simple. By not running, they make the problem worse. More trains (like in NY) = less snow on the tracks.

Also means fewer pissed off trapped Washingtonians, but we know Metro doesn't care about that.

Kara said...

I left more than an hour earlier than normal for my metro ride and got to work only 30 minutes early for my metro. When I got to the station they were single tracking so the usual long wait, and of course the signs were not working. Then when my train was coming they announced over the PA it would be on the other platform.

I would have hated to be Deaf or not to have been straining to pay attention to the charlie-brown-teacher PA system this morning!

Anonymous said...

Anyone had to deal with the rude employee (african-american male, middle aged, not sure of his name yet) that works Tuesday mornings around 8:50am at Federal Center SW? He should be fired for the things he has said to people, and how he abuses his power. If anyone knows who I am talking about, his name would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone has had a similar experience with this man, I would encourage you to complain to WMATA...the more complaints, the more likely this guy will be fired. I will be glad to explain if anyone is curious.

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