Friday, February 19, 2010

Masked Hoodlums Spotted at Ft. Totten

From Scott:

A Metro maintenance worker in the orange suit was feeding a raccoon that had sneaked in through a hole in the wall next to the Exitfare machines at Ft. Totten.

Yesterday, on Twitter, allyson_wilson said there was a family of raccoons at the station.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Scott: [seeing Darryl feeding a squirrel] Darryl, what are you doing?
Darryl: I'm- I'm giving him a peanut.
Michael Scott: No, don't give him- just, did you hear anything I said?
Darryl: Look how happy he is!
Michael Scott: He's happy because he's insane. You know what? That's the perfect example of the kind of awareness we need to generate.

this quote must be why that picture made me so happy.

Mr. X-cellent said...

its snuck through

Anonymous said...

It's adorable and I'd probably do the same idiotic thing (try to feed it). However, raccoons can be mean and quite brave. They can bite reaall gewd too. I hope they can get em into the zoo or a good happy home. I am not sure Metro is a place to raise ones kids... clawed and toothed or not. :D

Allyson Wilson said...

I posted about this on my facebook page after I discovered it and here is what a friend commented:

"Maybe they should be paying attention to safety rather than raisin' racoon families!! No wonder they need to raise you know how much it costs to raise a family of 'coons in this economy???!!"

Allyson Wilson said...

Another post from a respondent on my facebook page:

"Um, these are not kittens, they are freakin racoons, cat rats if you will, and they have no loyalty, and they are not cute, and they do not belong INSIDE of the metro station, she needs to pack them up and take them home if she wants to make them her pets. This has domino effect, more racoons will venture into the station looking for people to feed them."

Anonymous said...

The cost of rabies shots is going to put WMATA's health care costs through the roof!

Though, it would explain the level of customer service received from all the Metro employees that wander around in a stupor, foaming at the mouth.

Anonymous said...

"I call the big one 'Bitey'!"

Anonymous said...

I believe "Bitey" was an O'Possum..but you get an A for effort.

Anonymous said...

The ten cent fare hike is for raccoon feed!

Anonymous said...

they could make them into hats and maybe sell them to help with that budget shortfall? and then have the requisite PETA protest to follow up. free publicity!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

I have been all over the Metro website and cannot find the answer to this question. Nobody in my offices can find this answer.

We received an email from Metro that talks about the fare increases. They mention a "transit link card." WHAT is a transit link card? We have no idea.

My only hope - The UNSUCK people of the day! How sad that the actual Metro website does not help - it tells you about the increases on the "transit link card" but I can find nothing that says what it is!

Thanks to UNSUCK for letting me post a question unrelated to our raccoon friends.

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Anonymous said...

Now why can't I find this on Metro's site? Thanks for being the ones with the answers Unsuck! This blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

So I can't drink a bottle of water in the station but Metro employees can feed wild animals??? Is Metro going to assume responsibility if one of its customers is bitten or otherwise injured by one of these rodents?? Too bad Metro employees don't provide this level of customer service to their human customers.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find this slightly ironic in light of ads in stations and trains saying essentially,"we don't have rats, unlike SOME transit systems, keep it that way by not eating in here"?

Anonymous said...

Actually, DC's Metro *does* have rats. I've seen them many times in the downtown stations.

But, regardless of the rats, NYC's transit system is so much better than DC's that words are insufficient to describe the difference.

Anonymous said...

Racoons will attack and kill your cat and if you are bitten you will have to have a rabies shot. Sure they are cute as heck when washing crawfish in a stream but not in the metro system. That said awwwwww isn't he the cutest little thing!

Anonymous said...

That rat in the ad is actually talking to the raccoon! "Are you going to eat that?"

R.P. said...

Great – now I will be neurotic about sitting next to a raccoon.. actually might be an improvement over some of the characters I travel with

unitacx said...

Can someone train them to say, "Skoozeme, skoozeme, skoozeme"?

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