Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One for Us ... Maybe

Update: And so it begins. From Ron Holzer at WMATA:

I just learned Fox 5's report was false.

Our bus department is investigating the case involving the photo on the blog. The investigation is in its very early stage.

We believe, after talking with the head of Local 689 at today's NTSB hearing, it seems that Fox 5 misinterpreted a union news release regarding an employee's dismissal as being the one from yesterday's photo. It was from the conclusion of a previous investigation.

Read the new Fox report just to see how even WMATA can make a serious situation laughable

After we published photos of a bus driver apparently texting while behind the wheel, Fox News is reporting the driver has been fired.*

Heard that before.

While the union can still file and grievance, which could save the operator's job, at the very least, it's more deserved egg on the face for Metro and the union.

We'll see if the firing sticks. If past is prologue, the driver will be back behind the wheel or at a desk at some point, but let's hope not.

Seriously, it's not like the policies aren't clear and well publicized.

In the meantime, chalk this one up as a victory for riders, who have been doing Metro's job for them by chronicling the sad deterioration of our public transit system.

All of the pressure seems to be bringing the numerous issues at Metro to a head, as the Post is reporting the U.S. Senate is threatening Metro with a federal takeover if certain safety measures aren't met. Maybe Metro can stave off the feds with another classic smoke and mirrors shake up.

Certainly, Metro needs dislodging from its dysfunctional safety of culture.

What a federal takeover would mean remains very unclear. We're not sure the most innovative, efficient or deep pocketed entity could run Metro well without a serious house cleaning of the dead weight that brings Metro down.

In the meantime, keep up the vigilance. Metro riders voicing their concerns provide the best chance at the kind of complete, utter, top-to-bottom reform Metro desperately needs.

*If you watch the video on the Fox site, notice the interesting lack of credit to this site. Apparently Fox doesn't like to say "suck" on air.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Well said.

Anonymous said...

As the page loads, the bottom-left of the photo bears the name "Unsuck DC Metro" (which, of course, you put there in the first place, but at least they didn't cut it out). Of course, in the video the label is removed.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up. You're mentioned on the website which led many to here in the first damn place (more publicity than you would get otherwise).. and its Fox5 not FoxNews (thats cable). Stick to your blog and camera phone pictures... I thought you would offer some resolution because you're "for the people," but you're just rambling and putting others down. Commonsense, DUHH we don't want the driver back. But offer insight if you have the balls to have a blog.

Anonymous said...

And notice how comments are only given after approval!!! So you're only broadcasting what will benefit you and pump your ass up. Strengthening your "case" or opinions. What a gip! U suck.

John Robertson said...

I think we have another WMATA employee making comments~ LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:26 wow such hostility. take that to wtop please.

is the fact that your moronic tirade was pubished proof enough that there is no censoring?

mr. unsuck, i for one would recommend deleting comments like this.

pointless and dumb. must be a child.

Anonymous said...

9:26 anonymous
is making dumb comments what you're going to do while the union gets your bus driving job back?

Anonymous said...

See the NTSB's report at this link: http://www.ntsb.gov/Dockets/RailRoad/DCA09MR007/434700.pdf

The train operator in the June crash did not hit the brakes when she first had the opportunity to see the train ahead. If she had, there would not have been a collision.

Unsuck DC Metro said...


Jason said...

I hope more people would speak up about this to make sure these workers who broke the rules should not work for the Metro again. I know some of them want 2nd chance, but should they? I wonder about that. I do believe in 2nd chance but maybe they should get a warned letter. Anyway, we can't afford to allow that happen because of children are being around on the streets and there are blind and deaf walkers being around on the streets as well. Everyone should listen to ORPAH's messages about the no phone zone pledge. You can find it on her web site page or her facebook page to sign in and pledge that you wont do the phone cell or texting awhile you are driving since it is too dangerous to do it.

I hope DC Metro workers are reading it and thinking twice before they take a control of the driving seat, and also make a new goal not to do the texting,making phone call, reading paper, ect, ect on the driver seat!

I know all of us are not trying to pull these great workers down so hard, but we are making sure they're making us feel safe and always able to trust them.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh for heaven's sake children, GROW UP!!! Unsuck is most certainly not trying to toot his own horn. It's called PLAGIARISM or do you not know what that means? Fair and square, Unsuck DC Metro should be correctly credited! Anyone remember that disaster called Shepard Fairey?!? He's done a lot of plagiarizing at the expense of other artists! He should be ashamed of himself; he's a disgrace to the art community!

As always, thank you for all of your hard work, Unsuck DC Metro! Oh, and all of you "badmouthers"... if you're going to throw a hissy fit (I'm trying hard to keep this clean and civilized), stay off this website!! We don't need any spoiled brats (trust me, I could say worse, but it’s a public forum so I won’t) here!

Anonymous said...

Of course the driver will be back! Back pay, full benefits and seniority. "Desk duty" for awhile. Read the CONTRACT.

Anonymous said...

ok. Who let the brat pack in? I thought there was someone carding ages at the blog door here. :D

Ignore those socially-inept children, folks. Sounds like a bunch of bored kids who have nothing better to do than badmouth the virtual world. Notice they don't even dare sign a real name? phhht!

WE know what's going on and WE know the value of this blog. Ditto and ditto again on Anon 11:51's post!

Anonymous said...

the union has wmata by the balls. it's like the record is on repeat, fire, back away, let off. amazing.

and one of the drivers in the june22 crash had several repreimands.

what a joke. i HATE wmata and don't want them to get another cent of my money in fares or taxes. they blew it. tear it down and start again.

Anonymous said...

God bless this web site.

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