Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jst Let Me Fnsh My Shft CU Soon :)

WMATA has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use cell phones and texting devices while on the job. It is also illegal to text and drive in DC.

That some WMATA employees continue to do so, despite the clearly stated rules and laws, could easily lead one to conclude that these employees feel above the law. Wonder why?

From Matthew:
The route was one of the 90 buses (either 90,92,93 -- definitely NOT 96). It was Feb. 19, 2010 at around 3:30-3:45 p.m. The bus, number 2134, was packed, hence me standing so close and taking the picture. And yes, she was driving at the time!

She drove to 14th and Florida U. St., where she was relieved by another bus driver.
Read more about Metro's zero tolerance policy here. Another distracted driver.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you keep posting these.

It is amazing to me that people driving these machines are trying to use their cell phones as well.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. I turned in a Montgomery Co. Ride-On driver a few weeks ago on my route who was having a phone conversation via bluetooth during my entire ride. I don't care if it was hands-free; it's against the rules, plus plenty of studies have shown that just focusing on a phone call means you're distracted, even with 2 hands on the wheel. Plus, she was talking quietly & by the mere fact that she was using the blue tooth (and in her left ear, where riders are less likely to see it), makes me think she was purposefully trying to hide the fact she was on the phone. I saw her doing this a week later, too. Ride-on was very receptive, emailed me and called me to get the full story and said they'd talk with her and discipline her. I haven't seen her on my route since. Not sure what happened.

Anonymous said...

How did the bus stop at 14th and Florida? The 90 buses all run along U Street and only along Florida Avenue as far as 8th Street NE...

Anonymous said...

Did you report it to WMATA? I am not saying will be done, but they deal with these issues if they do not know who is violating the policies.

Anonymous said...

I think we got our answer about what happens to drivers who get caught doing this...NOTHING! Otherwise, why would they STILL do it??

Anonymous said...

it's obvious she's texting back to central control because the radio in the bus doesn't work!! duh! m LOL

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Tell Metro. This is incredible.

unique FONT said...

sending sms while driving is dangerous...

Anonymous said...

Are u sure it was 3:30 to 3:45? It may have been earlier.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one bad apple can spoil the bunch, especially if the bad apples gets into an accident because they were texting while driving!! Is there no peer pressure among metro workers NOT to fuck up?

Anonymous said...

where's the msm on this? it's an outrage!!!!

Anonymous said...

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGht Metro's problems are all about money. Good luck getting me to give them a blank check.

James said...

I can't believe there appears to be texting fatigue. How many pedestrians have been hit by metro buses of late? too many! this is UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!

Anonymous said...

I confronted a driver for having a conversation while driving (non-phone), right under the sign that said "Don't talk to driver" to some sweet young thang.

He gave me the evil eye. She got pissed. I said "Fuck you both, it's my life you think you can risk. I'm reporting you."

I haven't seen him on the J2 since. Jackass.

Patrick's blog said...

Terrible. The driver can hit a kid or anybody. I have been hearing these stories from the Oprah show.
Check this out:

It's special message from Oprah!

Anonymous said...

how long will it take for this person to be "fired" and subsequently "re-hired?"

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the union and a long time proud Metro operator.

This operator is an embarassment to most of us, but let me share a little light into how it work.

Something accident... a photograph...anything that might get an operator in trouble.

Metro will say they're fired, but then once the union gets wind of it, they excuses start to fly.

It's like fantasy.

It was an emergency... the bus wasn't moving... the train was stopped...I was done with my shift.. the radio didn't work. Anything that would cast doubt, and just like in court when there's a reasonable doubt, guess who wins.

Now, that is a good system, until it gets abused and it is.

The driver is in uniform...holding and trying to hide a cell phone...behind the wheel... touching the wheel.

One week suspension will be abotu it.

The worse part of this is that more and more operators begin to feel untouchable and the cancer spread.

The union did many good things to give bus operators (not a fun job) a dcent life, these days they seem more about giving a license to kill to those who don't take the job seriously.

Anonymous said...

I see drivers with bluetooth devices and talking on cell phones coming down 66 East.
Does Catherine Hudgins, WMATA Board member from the Fairfax Board of Supervisors ever ride or observe the 5A Bus bound to Dulles and inbound to DC?

Maybe she needs to ride it to the WMATA Board meetings and talk about that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

How do you know she was driving??? She could've been sitting waiting to get relieved. Im surprised that we talk so much about them texting,talking while driving,but we still ride. If Im on the bus an a operator is breaking the law,then Im confronting them and getting off the bus,because clearly I dont want to be on the bus if something happens. Im surprised the idiot rode that long with her. Dummy. I hope metro hire her back because you cant prove she was driving.

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