Thursday, April 8, 2010

Helltrain Update

FFWD to :35

Here's a little more information on this incredible video. Comments in the original post do seem to support the time and place--on the Orange Line (perfect) between between Deanwood and Cheverly on March 18. According to WMATA, the fire was on CSX tracks.

From WMATA spokesman Ron Holzer:
It was a brush fire, the fire departments responding gave clearance to run trains through the area. The HVAC was turned off to avoid filling the trains with smoke. As to why the train in the video stopped, I have no idea. I could speculate that there was another train ahead of it as it was during rush hour.
The key word here seems to be "run." Trains moving through here at a normal speed probably wouldn't have been at serious risk but to STOP?! Well, we all know WMATA is good at that.

The flames, especially at around the 1:12 mark, appear to lick the car. It's hard to imagine stopping there was safe.

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Anonymous said...

Newsflash Metro: Holding our feet to the fire (or endangering us by stopping cars over flames) about service cuts or fare hikes isn’t going to win over customers. However, if you improve customer service, all other aspects of your organization as well as the union, and the operation of trains, buses, and MetroAccess it would definitely help us.

Anonymous said...

I love that he thinks "I could speculate that there was another train ahead of it as it was during rush hour" is a good explanation. lol. I mean, yes, logically that would make sense. But WHY WOULD YOU STOP ON TOP OF A FIRE?

Oy. Either wmata needs to fix these problems or they need a better spokesperson.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:49AM
It could be that the darn red signal was in a position that meant the train would be on the top of the fire. Stopping the train beyond the red signal would have possibly triggered an alarm that the train had overrun the signal, maybe the train operator was thinking - dang what do I do now? I cant take this train past the red signal..... but the train hasnt cleared the fire.......tough decision.... possibility right??? just a thought....

Anonymous said...

This is almost as bad as the red line to shady grove this morning where the car for some reason mid-way through the trip turned on its heater full blast. Whew! Thought I was going to broil right there at Dupont Circle. This was way worse because it happened to me and that fiery train to Deanwood - while disturbing to watch - did not. Lucky I was not made out of wax is all I can say.

miika said...

Anon @ 12:18

And if Rail Ops answers the radio as efficiently as MetroAccess dispatch answers their drivers' calls, they'd probably have told the driver how to handle it an hour later.

@Unsuck - Thanks for the linkage (DC PTI)

Dan Franzen said...

"As to why the train in the video stopped, I have no idea."

Perhaps you should find out? Yes? This would make sense, Mr. Spokesman. I mean, it's sort of part of your job to know these things. "Oh, who knows why it stopped. Could have been anything! It's not like we keep track of that."

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