Monday, April 19, 2010

Metro Scrabble

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From Marcus: "Due to the Nuclear Summit Meetings the 80 line will be on detour. Northbound: Regular route to 13th & H St. Thence, continue on 13th St. Left- E St. Left- N. capitol St to Mass Ave. continue regular route."

This was also noticed by debgreenspan on Twitter, who tweeted "Love that #wmata #nextbus is using the word "thence" when describing nuclear summit re-routes."

Remember, in Metro Scrabble rules, the alternate spellings "metropolitian," "Connecticutt" and "Minessota" are accepted.

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Anonymous said...

Metrorail - Twenty Years of Lipstick on a Pig 1990-2010:

Metrorail is an obsolete 2-track system designed in 1965 for a light density suburban and medium density urban environment where it never snows and seldom rains.

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