Thursday, May 13, 2010

As Small Token of Metro's Appreciation, a Miracle

Screenshots of Metro disruption reports taken May 12

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a miracle to announce: There have been no Metro disruptions since April 26, according to the WMATA website. Not a one.

Your prayers, curses and mutterings have been heard.

All praise Metro.

Guess that extra dime worked after all. Just think what service will be like when they vote to up the fares even more today!

(h/t CS)

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Anonymous said...

So my 20 minute delay for track maintenance on the Redline last Saturday wasn't disruptive?

My 20 minute wait for a Redline last night at Dupont is just standard practice now and not at all disruptive to riders?

Can we get some f'n service please Metro?

Anonymous said...

Uh. . . yeah. . . right! This is why I get all of my Metro information from Unsuck! Thanks, Unsuck!

Anonymous said...

426,000, 117,336, and 742,686 repeat too much. Once again, someone at Metro is lying about the numbers, and slacking off at work.

We can't even depend upon them to count riders, and they have freaking fare boxes to do the work for them.

Anonymous said... 177,336. The point still stands. Strangely specific numbers are repeating exactly within the same week. Someone is lying about the ridership numbers.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Have you considered posting a note to the bottom of each post?

If you're not reading this on, then you're reading this on a site stealing our posts for content


Unsuck DC Metro said...

You think that's better than where it is now?

Anonymous said...

@9:12 - They just make up the bus numbers. The bus fare machines are broken often so people just get waved onto the bus. Metro (1) loses all that revenue and (2) loses accurate ridership data. The 426,000 is just an "estimate" or something.

Kara said...

@9:38 Please explain how 177,336 is an 'estimate'. Or how 2 rail days also have the exact numbers, where a vast majority of people are counted.

Anonymous said...

The Sovietization of Metro

The new commissar insists that disruptions are counter-revolutionary and thus do not occur - the ridership figures only include true patriots of the proletariat

Anonymous said...

@9:55 - 177336 is an "estimate," in that the numbers fall directly under the fingers of two immobile hands resting on the number keys at the top of a keyboard. If you have a bunch of pesky reporting to do, and you can't be bothered to actually get "data," you can make that number without even moving your hands.

Best case - some sullen, lazy cube dweller at Metro, randomly filling in cells on a spreadsheet. Worst case - a dishonest, malevolent person lying about ridership numbers to hide skimming of Metro fare revenues.

Remember the parking fiasco? You know -- where Metro couldn't account for cash receipts even though millions of businesses manage to do it EVERY DAY?

Something stinks in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

This is bull. There was a switch malfunction announced on my commute from metro center to bethesda that delayed us somewhere in between.


What a FRAKIN’ DOUCHEBAG PLAGIARIST!! Isn’t there someone who can shut down that site, Unsuck?

Unsuck DC Metro said...

There is a javascript solution to block this sort of frame stealing, but blogger is a sort of frame too, and it screwed up the real mccoy too.

will have to write a letter to the ISP

DMC in DC said...

Keep raising the cost and don't be at all surprised when revenues fall. Those who have to use metro, will have no other choice but to pay (nice how it always come down to paying more and more for gross mismanagment), but those who used it for recreational trips will use it less or cease to use it (I have), and some people may even opt to try to find closer jobs that don't require metro use (someone in my department left for that very reason).

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to hide problems. That's the worst thing you can do."

J. Thomas said...

Was on a red line train that was delayed for emergency track maintenance on the first Tuesday morning in May.

Guess I was hallucinating.

JohnK said...

My favorite part about the bus numbers is this sentence:

"Actual Metrobus ridership figures will be added to this report in approximately one month."

The estimates are on EVERY MONTH ON THE LIST! That's going back to January 2009....

Anonymous said...

Sure, there weren't any reported disruptions, but that doesn't mean everything ran on schedule. Case in point, I waited 30 minutes for a train on Monday.

MIKE tv said...

Uh some of the commenters don't seem to get sarcasm.

GrapesOfRough said...

Then I guess the fact that I have to wait 15+ minutes for a Green Line train every morning after my transfer at Ft. Totten is just standard practice. Tell me Metro, why do I have to pay peak fare charges when your trains aren't running on a peak schedule?

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