Friday, May 14, 2010

Bambi Finds a Working Escalator!

Deer schmeer. The escalator was working!

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Zaphod said...

WTF? When did this happen? What happened to the deer? Need more info, please!

Telecomedian said...

That deer uses the escalator a lot better than most of the tourists in town.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, especially the fellow who steps out and looks to be sure he really saw...
Thanks Unsuck! That made my day!

hrh king friday xiii, ret. said...

Run, Mr. Tumnus, run!

Anonymous said...

I think that that deer is toast by now! It would have tried to get out from the tracks and been electrocuted by the third rail!!!! no way that deer got out going back that escalator!!!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:22
That's kind of a buzzkill.

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if he went into that dark tunnel. Probably hopped the rickety elevator back up to fight the racoons for a free meal. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This made national news 5-6 years ago

Ben Schumin said...

That happened in 2003. If I recall, Metro was doing a routine review of its security camera footage, and discovered that a deer came into Addison Road station. If memory serves me correctly, it was noted at the time that the deer went in through the regular entrance, went down to the platform, and then scampered off, missing the third rail entirely.

Caity Bierman said...

glad it was safe. it's a cute video. kinda crazy to think it got through the gates and down the escalator. probably much better than the tourists can :)

Eric said...

Wait, you are saying that metro only found this by doing a routine review of camera footage? I find that hard to beleive. My guess is that the very alert and polite metro employee sitting in the kiosk noticed the deer and alerted his management.

Oh who am I kidding, he/she was probably letting a customer use the bathroom or assisting someone with a Smartrip issue.

*snoring sounds emanating from kiosk*

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the alert and friendly employee at the kiosk must have been assisting another customer, or he or she would called transit police to arrest the deer for failure to properly swipe its Smart Trip card.

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