Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Don't Masturbate Next to Me

From an anonymous reader:

I reported this case of sexual assault to Metro Police, but I don't feel like that accomplishes much.

Yesterday morning, I boarded the Orange Line at L'Enfant Plaza in the direction of Vienna. I was engrossed in a book and on "auto-pilot" on the way to work.

When I got on the train, a man sat down next to me, in the seat closest to the aisle. I sat next to him for about 10 minutes before I realized he was masturbating right next to me.

I was shocked!

When he realized I had noticed, he started talking to me, and making comments about oral sex!

The train car wasn't full, but there were many people in the vicinity, including families with small children. I had to ask him to get up and let me out, which thankfully he did.

I was so nauseated and disgusted.

It's especially shocking considering the time of day and the amount of people on the train. I think there was another man on the Metro who noticed what was going on before I did. He was wearing a suit, standing near the doors and facing me. At one point, I looked up from my book and caught his eye. He had a look of concern on his face, but I ignored it and went back to reading. Why didn't he do anything?

For what it's worth, the man was African American, about 40 years old, wearing jeans and a baseball cap.

I really have no choice but to take Metro everyday. I commute from Columbia Heights to Court House, and I don't have a car. But I've been considering buying a scooter, and this incident may help me to finally commit to that decision. Yesterday, I got a ride from a coworker so that I didn't have to Metro home. I just wasn't ready to be back on it. But today, I better be ready because I still need to get to work.

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GrapesOfRough said...

Excuse me. I just got off the metro about a half hour ago, and this story makes me want to go take a shower.


Matt G said...

This isn't so much a problem with metro, more the occasional scum of the Earth that rides it - usually inevitable on my daily commute from EFC to Branch Ave and back. As horrifying as this story is, I'm not sure what Metro can do about it other than (after a rider reports it) potentially press charges via transit police.

Anonymous said...

its up to us as riders to do something about it. collective beatdown and sit on top of the mofo until metro transit police get there.

Anonymous said...

And this is why even if both seats are open I never sit on the inside.

If people think I'm being passive/aggressive and taking up two seats (even though I don't put my bag in the inside seat), or don't have the guts to ask me to move so they can sit inside next to a stranger that's their f-ing problem.

Anonymous said...

Sit on top of the mofo? Wouldn't that just be giving him what we wants?!

Anonymous said...

10:01 - Do you really want to be touching him with your hands? Other then pummeling him, because at that point I expect he'll be somewhat bloodied.

Anonymous said...

There is a similar story on Hollaback DC. You did what you had to do.

Anonymous said...

OH GROSS! If anyone is brave enough to say, it co-worker came up with, “It’s not a toy so don’t play with it!” I came up with “You know, they have people who you can pay a fee to help you with that problem (not sure if it should be a psychiatrist or a street walker)!”

Anonymous said...

You should have pepper sprayed him in the face and his wiener.

Caity Bierman said...

I was on the blue/orange line right in the middle of the city on a Monday night at 9 pm. There was a guy with his hard junk hanging out right in front of my face. DISGUSTING. how did he not know????

Anonymous said...

Um, ok 2 people noticed this, you even said there were children near, and you did NOTHING to create a scene and tell everyone there about it and notify a train operator so they can come and arrest him?

Just bury your head in the sand and walk away? Thats nice.

Anonymous said...

"If people think I'm being passive/aggressive and taking up two seats (even though I don't put my bag in the inside seat), or don't have the guts to ask me to move so they can sit inside next to a stranger that's their f-ing problem"

No, you're a selfish bitch or bastard. Stop riding metro because you're part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

If this happens and you feel safe enough doing so, take the pervert's picture. I'm sure Unsuck will be happy to post it.

Anonymous said...

I have few freinds whom are Metro Tranist Police whom staed the Police dept has hit rock bottom both in Leadership and waste manpower by to many postion in upper mangement and the foot partol officer are spead to thin!!

Anonymous said...

"At one point, I looked up from my book and caught his eye. He had a look of concern on his face, but I ignored it and went back to reading. Why didn't he do anything?"

Why didn't HE do anything? You answered the question yourself: he looked concerned when you caught his eye, but you ignored him and went back to reading. Of course he isn't going to get involved if the victim herself doesn't seem concerned about what is going on.

Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of telling us he's black? It doesn't really seem that you have provided a detailed enough description for him to be traced. My sense is that the mention of his race does nothing more than perpetuate racial stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

I am going to do a better job of paying attention to who sits next to me. I am guiktynof zoning outnsometimes.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the last comment. while what happened was disgusting and uncalled for, mentioning his race adds nothing to the story.

Anonymous said...

"But I've been considering buying a scooter"

For that small commute? Pshaw. Get a bicycle. Even if you dress nicely and do your makeup before leaving, there are plenty of great bikes well suited for that commute. :)

Anonymous said...

I would scream if I see that!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the person who wrote in experienced this harassment. In a situation like this, it is often very hard to decide how to react. While "creating a scene" may seem like it would have publicly shamed him and maybe prevented him from continuing to do this in public, it could also have been dangerous. Sexual harassment is usually about the harasser trying to exercise power over the victim, and it can sometimes turn violent when the harasser is confronted. It's easy to say, "Well, what you should have done is this..." after the fact, and it's easy to beat yourself up over what you didn't do or say. I'm just happy that the poster was able to leave the metro physically unharmed.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Was he actually airing out the junk or was he just playing pocket pool?

Anonymous said...

This has happened to me twice. The first time I kicked up a huge fuss and even called the train operator on the intercomm. But it didn't do anything except result in everyone else on the train pretending to be asleep and the guy left at the next station. The second time I loudly called the guy a perv and left myself. People really suck sometimes...

Anonymous said...

People suck, as so many commenters have pointed out. But is a scooter preferable to metro?

I'll put it this way. Last Friday I witnessed the scooter vs. SUV accident that closed Connecticut northbound from N to Dupont. I don't know if the guy on the scooter survived or not, but I know that I watched him bleed from the head and have a seizure.

This may just be me, but I think I'd prefer having to walk away from someone masturbating.

Anonymous said...

Grow up, you PC twits. His race is part of his physical description, which is important for identifying him, especially if he's a serial offender.

Anonymous said...

If you've got some time, I suggest you bring this to the attention of the "Metro Team". They are testifying before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation on Wednesday May 19th at 3:30 p.m. in 138 Dirksen Senate Office Building.

Agenda: FY 2011 budget request for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro).


Panel I:

The Honorable Peter Benjamin
Board of Directors
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Mr. Richard Sarles
Interim General Manager
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Panel II:

Ms. Jackie Jeter
Amalgamated Transit Union
Local 689

Mr. Jack Corbett

Mr. Francis DeBernardo
Riders' Advisory Council

Anonymous said...

I read a story about some women who encounter this on NY subways have starting taking photos with their cell phone to document the perpetrator. Some have even posted the photos online. Taking a photo sometimes causes the perp to stop the behavior and leave the scene.

Anonymous said...

Take a photo -- why be so TIMID?? It's YOUR Life kiddo!! And tell the jerk "Hi TINY!! Why don;t you put that little weenie back in your pants before you lose it!!"
Some Big "Important" beaurocratic-type white guy was doing the same thing at Federal Triangle-- I walked by him and 1) called him a "stupid old woman" and 2) also said "Hi TIny!!" The next time I turned around, he was GONE -- and no trains had come eihter.

Anonymous said...

Absolutley the MPTD is spread way too thin, I would not confront a public masturbating pervert, He is too revolting to have any further contact with.. he got his jollys by shocking people. If you say something... he might want to contaminate you with his sticky hands or worse. The first thing I thought of was that he has mental problems, people like that are unpredictable which puts a person further in distress and fear of what else could happen.

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