Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks, Metro Style

I'm off til the next Monday barring some big Metro news.

Have a great, and hopefully Metro-free Thanksgiving.

 Via Tumblr*:
Looks like the DC Metro fare collection system was having some systemic problems on Oct. 27 late night.

Getting on at King St. required several tries and the Crystal City gates had some hand scrawled messages saying that “MetroPass didn’t work.”

Several of our party had between $10 and $27 wiped off of our cards according to the exit gates and the add money machines.

The stationmaster at Crystal City (about 12.45 a.m.) refused to deal with an inquiry about the missing money, and instead said that the exit gates don’t show card values. (Not that it has to do with anything.) When challenged on this point, the stationmaster started shouting and being very aggressive.

You’d think that when missing money is visible on the readouts, or the system was down, the stationmaster would put two and two together and have a standard response.

Something like “If there’s a problem with the amount on your card, please contact XYZ” or “Here’s a form if you think the money is missing,” etc.

I guess that’s too much to expect. 

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