Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Feisty" Board Meeting Ends With Nothing Resolved

When you read stories like this, you almost start to feel sorry for WMATA. Almost.

Apparently today's board meeting turned "intense" and "feisty," reports WTOP. Oohhh! Juicy.

The crux: disagreement on how to close the $29 million budget gap. Virginia appears to want service cuts and/or fare increases, while DC wants to use stimulus money.

The solution: wait two more weeks. Isn't that sort of like the reboot trick with a computer?

Gotta love it. Prepare for a further degraded system.

Metro is now essentially off-track when it comes to getting any potential service changes in place by the start of the next fiscal year.

Agency officials admit they will have to speed up the public hearing process, or implement any potential service changes later than first anticipated. That, in turn, could mean bigger changes are required.

WaPo's take

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