Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mind the Gap

Check the Washington Post's "Get There" blog for a rundown of events today. Bottom line: no fare increase, some bus service cuts.

WTOP is reporting that Metro leaders are confident they will be able to reach an agreement today to close the $29 million budget gap the service faces.

"I think we have done a reasonably good job of minimizing the impact (to service)," says Peter Benjamin, a Maryland Metro board member. "It will be about a 50/50 split with half coming in the form of service reductions and the other half coming from an increase in funding."

No sense at all where the "increase" will come from.

"The board is expected to finalize its list of cuts Thursday, then set a series of public hearings"

Other news:
Metro reports spike in crime rate
Volunteers offer to keep peace at two Metro stations

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