Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Metro Probing Rash of Derailments

According to the DC Examiner, Metro is "taking a closer look at recent train derailments."
Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel said it was only the seventh derailment in the system's 33-year history in which passengers were aboard.
“We have to take a very close look at our practices internally,” Taubenkibel said. “We have to take a very introspective look.”
What does that even mean? Why didn't he speak clearly and say Metro was going to fix the problem and that riders shouldn't be worried?
Maybe it's because he knows that years of mismanagement and neglect may finally be coming home to roost.
We found the last sentence amusing: Next year, the transit system will get a special vehicle that can evaluate the track for flaws. Let's hope the new vehicle doesn't derail because recently Metro's track equipment doesn't have a very good record!

Photo: Julesmarie

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Anonymous said...

so does getting the new equipment mean what they use now is not good?

Anonymous said...

No, Metro does not currently own the track geometry equipment used to test for flaws (among other things). As things stand now, they contract that service out as needed. Metro wants to buy the equipment outright so they can use it more often

Unsuck DC Metro said...

Thanks for the information although anything in Metro's hands scares us. Let's hope outright ownership will improve the situation.

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