Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D'oh! Orange/Blue Line Delays

UPDATE: Apparently the problem has been fixed. All trains are now running their normal delayed pattern.

Yet another derailment is affecting the Orange and Blue lines this morning. "Major delays" are expected. Maybe they need to get some new "track equipment" or at least hire someone who can drive the current POS.

"Trains will be single-tracking (sharing one track) between the Cheverly and Stadium-Armory Metrorail stations until the repairs are made."

The derailment bug: a chronicle of ineptitude.
First this, then this, and then this.

And to think someone once wrote us complaining that "suck" was too harsh.

Other Metro News:
A nice letter to the editor from WaPo


Anonymous said...

Two words for Metro: F*ck You!

Arnie Little said...

That was one of the worst Metro rides to date. Long wait for a train, packed platform, packed train, stop after stop after stop, then a long one before Smithsonian. God I wish I could get to work some other way.

Andrew said...

Hey all, I couldn't find your email, but I started a petition asking WMATA to get the NextBus service up. It's been almost 18 months since they shut it down, and it would be extremely useful. Hope you can publicize it!

Let's get Metro Fixed said...

We have added a link at the top right of the page. It'll live there for a few days.

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