Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mass Transit Roundup

Amazingly, Metro has not had a derailment today, so there's time to visit a couple of other topics.

WTOP, gotta love 'em, is reporting "the idea of light rail or rapid bus service from Alexandria to Tysons Corner along Route 7 is gaining steam." If you've ever been unlucky enough to drive along Route 7 over that stretch, you know it's a hellish drive. We used to live off Columbia Pike, which is one of the more densely serviced bus corridors in metro DC, and we see how many are wary of adding more lumbering buses to crowded lanes. Plus, it seems there's a bus stop every 50 feet or so. We've seen some pretty crazy stunts pulled in order to avoid getting trapped behind a bus.

Do you think buses, as run by Metro and other local transit systems, help congestion or worsen it?

The Washington Post has a feature on Antwoin Delph, the guy who puts up those
3M Scotchcal film adverts you see in Metro sometimes. In the article, Delph seems busy, so we wonder why there are still ads on the trains talking about "the holidays." Maybe they meant Nowruz.

We'd like to give a shout out to Whiteboard "Comics" for the mention. Love the cartoon.

Greater Greater Washington has a potentially useful map overlaying the new circulator bus routes over the Metro map.

Photo: Cojon8

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springroad said...

Thanks for the shout, guys! I really like what you're doing over here!

guylefleur said...

Nice point about the frequency of bus stops. Stops should be cut in half, at least! Walk a little people! It's good for you!

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