Friday, March 13, 2009

OPINION: Enough With the Obama Farecards

This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of this site. Thanks to contributor Tim Casey.

An open letter to Metro GM John Catoe,

I forgot my SmarTrip card this morning and was surprised to find out you’re still selling the Barack Obama commemorative farecards almost two months after the event. Enough!

It was kind of gimmicky to begin with, and even if you still lost money Inauguration Day, I can’t blame you for thinking a little souvenir might generate some extra revenue, you know, by people keeping their farecards with a little money left on them. Hey, that might have benefited all Metro riders.

But the inauguration was a long time ago, so what’s up with continuing to sell Obama’s image, Mr. Catoe?

Even if you think Barack Obama is a swell guy--and upwards of 60 percent of Americans do-- I don’t think we should lionize or glorify him. We should respect him, but with a good dose of skepticism, as we should have with all politicians. But how much respect can Obama get with his mug on a farecard? And for that matter, Mr. Obama, why would you want to be the poster boy of a transit system littered with incompetence and mismanagement?

To replace the President on the farecards I propose adding McGruff the crime dog. Metro owes him that at least.

Tim Casey

Metro's press release on Obama farecards

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Michael said...

I suppose you'd prefer that WMATA just throw out the rolls of farecards they have and buy new ones, then?

Please submit a check for the cost of the new farecards to:

600 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Anonymous said...

they overdid it. typical. there's probably enough til inaug day 2013

Tim said...

No, I'd prefer Metro think ahead, estimate x many people they expect to come (overestimating is fine, but two months? come on), multiply it by x many farecards expected (tourists often do exact I've noticed) and maybe even do that for a few weeks prior and after the innauguration.

What are the odds Metro's still printing them? I honestly don't know, so if someone cares to inform me I'd be interested to hear. Just goes to show continued bungled management.

Anonymous said...

IF I were you I'd be more concerned with the known safety issues and the continuing delays from the system falling apart than I would be about what the farecards have on them--who really gives a flying flip anyway!? I'd rather see Obama on there than the stupid panda bear one!

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