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Previous Poll Results

What is the most reliable indicator that a fellow passenger is a tourist?Hesitation at ticket gate 30%
Standing on the left 43%
Not moving to let people off train 7%
Denim shorts 6%
More than 2 kids in tow 4%
Speaking in "outdoor voice" 6%
Other 1%
Votes 621

What do you do with fare cards that have less than a ride's worth of money on them?
Trade them in/use them diligently 16%
I have a stack of them 14%
Toss 'em 4%
I have a SmarTrip 65%
Votes 441

I generally trust what Metro says.
Yes 13%
No 86%
Votes 469

When do you think the Purple and Silver lines will be completed?

2011 1%
2015 11%
2020 31%
Never 55%
Votes 896

Would you approve of more advertising on Metro if it meant more money for improvements?
Yes 95%
No 4%
Votes 913

What is your top complaint about Metro?
Infrequency of trains 24%
Doesn't go where I need 6%
Crowds 11%
Breakdowns/Stoppages 38%
Filth 3%
Cost per ride 9%
Other 4%
Votes 1004

Have you ever been on a train that suddenly went out of service?
Yes 83%
No 16%
Votes 940

What is your favorite free Metro paper?
Express 81%
Examiner 18%
Votes 625

Do you plan your bus/rail trips using Metro's published schedules?
Yes 42%
No 57%
Votes 823

Have you ever NOT been able to get off a train because of crowding?
Yes 36%
No 63%
Votes 822

What is at the root of WMATA's problems?
Lack of dedicated funding 13%
WMATA mismanagement 30%
Both 56%
Votes 722

What prevents you from taking Metrobus more often? Choose all that apply.
Confusing routes/schedules 79 (votes)
Unreliable 105
Dangerous driving 19
Uncomfortable 35
Doesn't go where I need 48
I'll never take the bus 15
Votes 168

Should Metro GM John Catoe Go?
Yes 76%
No 23%
Votes 479

Putting the 1000-series cars in the middle of trains...
Makes us safer 10%
Is nothing but a PR stunt 67%
I don't know 22%
Votes 504

It seems like every day there's a story about another screw up at Metro. Are things really getting worse, or have they always been this bad, but now there is increased media scrutiny?
Always this bad 31%
Getting worse 68%
Votes 404

How do you pay for Metro?
Full subsidy through work 23%
Partial subsidy through work 17%
Pre-tax dollars taken from my pay 23%
Out of my net pay/pocket 35%
Other 0%
Votes 518

Do you engage in 'shoulder checking' on the Metro
Never 21%
I have once or twice but am not proud of it 19%
Sometimes, you have no choice 48%
Every day, NOW GET OUT OF THE WAY! 10%
Votes 548

In the past 6 months, I've considered abandoning Metro and driving instead.
Yes 60%
No 39%
Votes 401

I can see train arrival information signs before passing through the faregate at my home stations.
Yes 60%
No 39%
Votes 395

What is the proper punishment for a bus driver who urinates on their bus?
Termination 72%
Suspension for several days w/o pay 19%
Written warning/repottytraining 5%
Verbal warning/repottytraining 2%
Votes 485

Metro seems less crowded these days
Yes 23%
No 47%
Hard to tell 28%
Votes 285

How is WMATA handling the snow?
A 8%
B 31%
C 26%
D 13%
F 20%
Votes 183

Would Metro Be More Safe with Federal Oversight?
Yes 47%
No 22%
I don't know 30%
Votes 372

In the past month, I've had a free bus/rail ride because of broken fare machines or other glitch.
Yes 47%
No 52%
Votes 327

Metro Stations are Too Dark
Yes 73%
No 26%
Votes 484

How do you find out about Metro delays? 12%
Metro e-alerts 19%
@metroopensdoors 5%
Media outlet 4%
At the station (ignorance is bliss) 49%
Friends/family 2%
Other 5%
Votes 436

Why is ridership declining?
The bad economy 3%
The poor service 32%
Both, but mostly economy 13%
Both, but mostly poor service 41%
Even split 8%
Votes 822

How much more per ride would you be willing to pay if Metro ran safely and efficiently?
None 14%
Up to 10 cents 9%
Up to 20 cents 21%
Up to 50 cents 29%
More than 50 cents 25%
Votes 688

Catoe's resignation will
Start the unsucking process 16%
Have little to no effect 64%
I really don't know 18%
Votes 721

How long after the fare increase will the lime green and white stickers still be stuck to everything?
A week 1%
A month 2%
A year 4%
Until they erode away 91%
Votes 906

I have filed a complaint with WMATA and gotten a satisfactory result 5%
I have filed a complaint with WMATA and gotten an unsatisfactory result 30%
I have thought about filing a complaint, but feel it's a waste of time 48%
I've never had a reason to file a complaint 15%
Votes: 678

Where do you wait on the platform?
Near where the escalator/stairs drops me 2%
So I will be near the exit at my end station 57%
Where there are fewer people 37%
I don't think about it 1%
Votes: 689

On average, I interact with Metrorail workers
Daily 13%
Weekly 8%
Monthly 10&
Less then monthly 31%
Never 36%
Votes 377

Have you reduced the amount you take Metro?
Yes 48%
No 14%
Still thinking about it 8%
Can't 28%
Votes 866

Since interim gm Sarles took over, Metro
Has gotten better 4%
Has gotten worse 57%
Is the same 38%
Votes 768

Which is most responsible for Metro sucking?
Board of Directors 18%
ATU 689 28%
WMATA management 42%
Riders 8%
Other 1%
Votes 1085

The proposed return of the transit benefit from $230 to $120/mo. and parking benefits changes will make me stop taking Metro
Yes 20%
No 38%
What benefits? 40%
Votes 784

What do you think of Metro's plans to institute random bag checks?
Unfortunate, but we live in a dangerous world 23%
Annoying safety theater 76%
Votes 3580

Should Metro close at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays vs. 3 a.m. for at least some time in order to get on top of track work?
Yes 34%
No 53%
Shrug 12%
Votes 2998

I see transit police
Daily 11%
Every few days 21%
Weekly 11%
Every couple of weeks 16%
Monthly 5%
Almost never 34%
Votes 1784

The biggest threat to my safety on Metro comes from
Fellow riders 56%
Metro 40%
Terrorists 2%
Votes 801

When I email/call/tweet/tell Metro about a problem, they do something about it.
Agree 7%
Disagree 92%
Votes 904

How often do you consult the Metro map?
Daily 5%
Weekly 9%
Monthly 18%
Almost never 65%
Votes 505

If the proposed fare hikes are enacted, will it affect your Metro usage?
Yes 646 56%
No 405 35%
Don't know 94 8%
Votes 1145

Would you be willing to chip in to buy an ad on Metro?
Yes, and it should say "Unsuck DC Metro." 52%
Yes, and it should say "Go to hell, Metro." 22%
Yes, but it should say something else. 10%
No. 14%
Votes 1,211

Should people be allowed to eat in the Metro system?
Yes 13%
No 83%
No opinion 3%
Votes 1,749

Who looks worse in the late-night, post-game showdown?
Nats 45%
Metro 54%
Votes 345
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