Friday, August 28, 2009

Milking it?

Submitted by Anne. It was taped to the barricade of an under-construction escalator at Archives/Navy Memorial Station.

"I love that somebody was so steamed about the situation that they went back to the office, typed something up and then managed to remember to bring Scotch tape with them to the station!"

Other items:
Metro workers injured (WaPo)
Crime spikes at Rhode Island station (WJLA)
Metro trip planner gives wacky itineraries (GGW)
Weekend track maintenance (WMATA)

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Brian said...

You know what? I like it.

Metro doesn't listen to our complaints, whether they be in person, E-mail, phone, or even blogs like these. Maybe this is the solution- leave our complaints taped to the station itself, and if enough people do it maybe that will make them listen.

...or at least get enough media attention on them to force them to react.


Yes. Agreed. But we're too lazy to do that. Just like the workers are too lazy to do their own jobs. ... The human condition.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, what in the world are those jackals actually doing to that escalator at Archives?

Anonymous said...

That is maybe one of the funniest things I have seen in quite awhile

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Major props.

DCB23 said...

Can I have one for Potomac Avenue? That is seriously funny.

Anonymous said...

The escalator problem at Archives is the worst. When combined with the elevator outage I start to dread going up the lone "staircase" in a way I don't with other stations when their escalators are broken.

It's doubly bad for me that, on the occasions I have to use Archives, one of two things are happening: (1)I have to go to court, which makes the congestion feel especially painful; or (2)there's a special event that makes the congestion last extra extra long.

I can't take it anymore, and I've started to go out of my way and transfer to the Red Line so I can use Judiciary Square. The situation at Archives makes me feel for anyone that has to use that station regularly.

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